Banned BNP Broadcast 2014

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Banned BNP Broadcast 2014

Full unedited, uncensored 2014 BNP Party Political Broadcast. This broadcast was banned from TV by the BBC and other controlled media TV stations – another example of how they silence the British people. Only the BNP is censored by the corrupt political Establishment, because we tell the truth. Watch, enjoy and share…

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43 Responses to “Banned BNP Broadcast 2014”

  1. john pesat Says:

    the truth is here some people wont like it but if they don’t they are not british

  2. m harris Says:

    well done bnp you got it about right

  3. Charlie Ratcliffe Says:

    No surprise it was censored, we’ve known for a long time now that we no longer have free speech. But to be honest I’m glad it was censored. I couldn’t understand a word the girl was singing so most of the cartoon was wasted on me (apart from the halal shops and mosques going up). I really thought it was quite childish and the media may have done us a favour because the censored version came over better.

  4. Andrew Says:

    I think its disgusting the cartoon was censored on TV

  5. Matthew Says:

    Spaghetti fell out my pockets watching this, those feels coming through, everything so true, i’ve always been taking the blue pill but finally i got red-pilled and now i can see the truth

  6. Fred Says:

    Agree with every word. This is not racism this is trying to keep Britain british. What is so wrong with that? Let’s be like Australia, welcome visitors, welcome people who bring wealth with them into our country but also make sure they uphold OUR values and nit their own, which are often so very very different.

  7. Chrissy Says:

    Agree with every word!!

    This should be broadcast in all its glory.

    I know where my vote will be going.

  8. MDeen Says:

    Do I get protection from the immigrants too as a British Asian?

  9. Bill Jenkins Says:

    So once again we see democracy and free speach denied to those people who still have British values!!! Rule Britania

  10. keith baines Says:

    i agree that english people should have jobs for the english they have brokern the dhss and nhs so we get poorer this is the time to say get out once and for all i back BNP to have my rights back again keith

  11. Kurt Bangharder Says:

    dam rite mayte they r taking our jobs and our womin

  12. Dave Says:


  13. Arthur Says:

    I know it’s an old cliché but, “THE TRUTH IS THE NEW HATE SPEECH”

  14. BOB Says:

    How many so called ‘British’ people do you know who want to do manual labour jobs (such as those on a farm). VERY, VERY few, they are (nearly) all too lazy – so immigrants have to do those jobs we shun and we should be very thankful.

  15. John smith Says:

    Let’s get Britain back to being GREAT again !! this should be shown as the other party’s get there bull shit shown I surport this strongly.

  16. jenny murphy Says:

    I think the BBC did us a favour censoring the video it got people looking on the website to look at it well done guys BRILLIANT

  17. Reg Waite Says:

    Sorry Mr John Smith, but British people are not lazy as you imply they have spent decades fighting slave wages in this country and are not prepared to go back to working for a pittance.
    Offer a decent wage for a decent days work then sit back and watch how lazy they are….only foreigners are willing to work for slave wages, Brits did that right up to the late fifties and we don’t want to go back to it again.

    Pay a good wage and then watch them work.

  18. Reg Waite Says:

    Correction: sorry John Smith I was actually replying to the previous poster Bob.

  19. Baz Says:

    Absolutely spot on! Well done and well said! . Only the BNP have the guts to stand up for the British people. All the other parties are a complete waste of time. II wonder what the real reason is for banning this Party Political Broadcast?

    Truth hurts and the truth has to be told……not censored by those responsible for the UK’s decline.

    Vote BNP…….it’s pay back time!!!!!!

  20. Cody Says:

    I have been whistling this all day =], vote BNP

  21. Ian Says:

    Well done bnptv. This is not racism sadly in May 2014 this is Realism. Good luck Nick in the elections you will certainly have my vote.

  22. Patriot Says:

    It’s the witch-hunts all over again with all the racist allegations the BNP were subjected to and the accusers had just about as much evidence. They have shown their strength as a party by the fact they’ve kept going.

  23. Al hassad ( Says:

    its about right

  24. NICK GRIFFIN Says:

    Hello can anyone tell me why my comments are being blocked. IM WHITE, pay tax and work hard and love bacon!

  25. richard Says:

    the conservative party have lost this years election there is nothing they can do about that the other parties are out of the window never again will the English people entrust power to will take time for people to relise that they have made the mistake of reelecting the labour party it is a sad future to come. it seems that people are led blinded into the future they must engoy learning the hard way

  26. richard Says:

    if ed millaband the so called labour leader thinks he is a better leader than david as he thinks his a good political leader why then does he not deal with the political probems his own jewish people have in their own nation instead of messing around in western affairs

  27. richard Says:

    brent council north London have removed public benches on their high street because of eastern Europeans gathering and binge drinking alcoholic drinks. took measures to make sure that they can not sit on the walls doing the same stead of calling the police to collect them into vans and taking them back to the nearest airport. now our elderly people have nowhere to sit and take a break.

  28. Paula Says:

    Well done BNP I hope all that have said they r voting BNP do stick to their word I am ready to do my first ever vote an u got it same goes for my other half
    And family ang friends of mine r all saying the same they voting for you

  29. richard Says:

    my grandfather was offered the rank of an officer after his service in the second world war he led a hundred men into battle. the second world war was played out on many fronts. in many places he never spoke much about the war no matter how much i asked him he did say in a sad voice that he came back with only 17 men.his father before him had thought in the first world war he was a private and lost one eye in battle but servived the war he used walk around with an eye patch anyway my grandfather did tell his sons. one being my farther. he had this to say to them “I regret the future that you will inherit”.

  30. Rupert deQuincy Says:

    I have always VOTED TORY, but now its time to take our Country back before its to LATE.

    I’m VOTING BNP and asking everybody that cares about this Country and the FUTURE of our CHILDREN, VOTE BNP

  31. richard Says:

    attention! all bnp members please post my comments on all bnp sites so it can be seen by all nation I am new to this internet game and I am not sure how to do this yet where`s my hate mail people.

  32. richard Says:

    conservative party deficit cut down paid back by the poor,the hard working,the ill and disabilited people on medication forced to work,health and safty laws disregarded.all this while safe guarding the rich.can not evan keep order of their own party mps fiddling there expences on top of there excesive pay.while people are expected to live on the bare min. the the law says is reasonable.ask the people what they think is reasonable.

  33. steve Says:

    As is the normal with the majority of British People, we are as a nation very accommodating, very generous , and to our cost, allow ourselves to believe what is printed and broadcast by the mainstream media- is right!

    This has allowed this country to become the 1st choice option in regards to the majority of people looking to emigrate from within the European Community -
    WHY – because they can
    WHY – because we shower them with benefits
    WHY – because we provide them with homes
    WHY – because the indigenous population do not complain at what is happening- before there very eyes!
    WHY because we have been programmed to believe and accept, that to question any of the above -a RACIST ACTION, and as such then leaves us the indigenous population open to prosecution by the very system which we as a Nation – which fought two world wars- which were fought to preserve our democracy and our Independence= and yet we stand guilty of giving away.

    Giving away everything which our fathers and grandfathers fought for and for which many of them lost their lives.

    Let us as a Nation wake up- and fight for what is rightly ours- lets get our country back
    fighting for the power of free speech – fighting with the power of our votes – yes its as simple as putting an X on your voting slip
    its certainly something I shall be doing – BNP gets my vote – this time for the 1st time – and from now on every time

  34. saint marco Says:

    four banking familys run world govenments with our money deviding people for easy control of thought and actions. other govenments dont have our interests at hart only to make us pay for bankers bonuses.give us our homes back and stop employers exployting cheap labour and keeping decent living down .i believe we have lost our identity and freedom in this multi rasial dustbin we now call britain

  35. Maurice Horton Says:

    I am a gold member of BNP. I will ALWAYS be a gold member – now into my eighties, BUT I did not like very much the latest Tv coverage of Voting for a EU Politician, WHY?, I thought the ENGLISH Democratic s very good broadcast and the music acceptable indeed,BNP nice try but I myself the end results in the final voting will show what the general public feel.
    Bst wishes.

  36. robbie g Says:

    We need radical change and this party offers just that no more pussy footing around and bowing down to eu courts. Let’s get our country back vote bnp they have my vote give yours if you want your country back

  37. Kilbrannan Says:

    when will the British people wake from this elite induced sleep that they are in?
    slavery is still here today in all its power, its just in a different set of clothes.
    the British indigenous people have been taken to war for all sorts of reasons none of which were for their or their offspring’s benefit.
    In peaceable times instead of an increase in real wealth they were loaned debt, which is not real wealth but false wealth, debt that keeps them under control of the elite, whilst the elite have have got real wealth, land and property and economic assets and therefore grow richer and richer.
    They are so greedy that they sell public assets at knock down prices to themselves.
    they sell off energy supply rights to energy cabals that make millions whilst working class families struggle to feed and cloth their children
    its obscene!!
    they want globalization of Britain to ensure that the working classes of Britain are always live in fear of having long term secure work due to a flood of workers into this country and competition from abroad
    they give millions in foreign aid to counties.
    But not to the people who need it, no they give it to their business friends who use it for themselves in the name of creating jobs
    its obscene
    that’s why charities appear on our tvs asking for money for the basic needs of the people, because they did not get the money we gave.

    the elite do not have the interests of this country or the indigenous people in their hearts.
    they are selfish, greedy and yes discriminatory towards us.
    wake up indigenous people of Britain!

  38. Kev munro Says:

    At long last a voice for the people.
    So many English people have asked ” how do we fight for change, our country is going down the tubes…” somebody once said to me that within my lifetime, I would be a minority in my own country.My god I now think it may happen.
    please please please vote for our BNP!!!!! We all owe it to the many fallen in battle to keep England English.

  39. Sam Says:

    I voted BNP yesterday DESPITE this video. While the message may be pertinent, the video itself, with the soundtrack, is amateurish at best, i do not mean the make quality, i mean the overall way the message is delivered. All videos like this will do is cement in the minds of most people that the BNP are full of extremist views and illogical wackjobs. Reasonable arguments get totally lost and dismissed as pure propaganda with publications like this. I would have expected the BNP hierarchy to have understood this (as they have presented themselves well in the past), but this video is seen as a spoof and a joke by most people.

  40. Peter Says:

    The next step will be thought police. Hope they never get to read our minds. But we can get arrested for saying anything about saving our country from a cultural disaster. Our country is full. but where will immigration stop with the EU in charge. Only when we are a minority or gone completely. Islam is the new faith, and every person will be so frightened of uttering one word against such genocide you will be killed. That’s when it might end. And for every new immigrant they just a kill an indigenous or anyone who is out of order. Bit like South Africa today.

  41. James Smith Says:

    My name is James Smith. My family came to the US from Yorkshire, England Ten Generations ago via one William Smith. I would like to address those that think immigrants are the only ones that will do manual labor work, as on a farm. Just how do you think our people survived on their own for thousands of years? It wasn’t by migrant workers that’s for sure. The problem in the US is that there are so many migrants streaming into the US that it keeps the wages for those jobs VERY low; so much so that it doesn’t pay enough to support a living. That is why the migrants live like sardines packed in a can. And not only that, they are hired by business owners regardless if they are legal or not, in order to maximize the owners’ profits. Those that hire them should be held accountable. If the climate was not such an accommodating one they would not be flooding our countries and taking our jobs. Thank you BNP. Hopefully the US will take a stand as you have.

  42. Antony Bennett Says:

    It is great but, just a shame I can not make out all the lyrics of the song.

  43. Sean O'connor Says:

    I am an ex soldier who has moved out of my Capital Cardiff because of the segregated and filth ridden streets that once was a stronghold of Welsh/British values, most areas in Cardiff are no go areas for White Welsh Nationals through intimidation and closed immigrant communities that has turned our streets into rubbish filled stinking third world mirror images, the mainstream political parties are a useless,spineless bunch of traitors and if allowed to continue writing their own agenda and not speaking for the common British people will ruin a once Great nation. I firmly believe that our rights are being discarded in favour of mindless self obsessed politicians.
    I now live in one of the last strongholds that immigration has not encroached upon (THE WELSH VALLEYS) the valley people are strong and will not let immigrants ruin our way of life and I think that many votes could be gained in favour of the only true political party that will enforce British values (us) so come on BNP take a hold of the Welsh valleys and ensure our right to remain Welsh/British and not become another battleground for islam.

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