BNP’s Vision for Britain

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BNP’s Vision for Britain

The main focus of Chairman Nick Griffin’s speech during his ‘February Regional Tour’ was how we, as a party, need to show the British people that the British National Party is the only party that truly cares for them by getting more involved with community projects.

In the eyes of many people “actions speak louder than words”.

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11 Responses to “BNP’s Vision for Britain”

  1. Daryl Says:

    Powerful speech Nick, I have been following your speeches the last few months and it is nice to see an alternative to the main parties. The BNP has had alot of grief thrown it’s way and it is still standing. The only way is up from here.

  2. MikeUK4Life Says:

    A fantastic and honest appraisal about the situation in our nation.

    A rousing, passionate call to action. The BNP party is the ONLY party that wants to make Britain GREAT again and her people.

    I seriously feel we are gaining ground, the working class have had enough over the years of putting with Labour and Conservative governments treating the indigenous Brits as if we are something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe.

    Let’s claim our country back.

    Love the analogy of the dogs. Mind you dogs are usually loyal which is more than I can say about the Lib/Lab/Con parties.

    Great speech chairman.

  3. Vaughan Says:

    Maori’s are NOT the INDIGENOUS people of New Zealand. That was the Moriori. You have the internet – look it up; They are/were not a sub-tribe of Maori.

  4. Rowlands Says:

    Totally inspiring and TRUE. No wonder they had to fix Question Time to stop Nick Griffin telling it like it is!

  5. Persevere » Blog Archive » BNP’s Vision for Britain Says:

    [...] The main focus of Chairman Nick Griffin’s speech during his ‘February Regional Tour’ was how we, as a party, need to show the British people that the British National Party is the only party that truly cares for them by getting more involved with community projects. for more click here [...]

  6. JohnKent Says:

    Another brilliant speech from our Nick Griffin with words of wisdom and plain common sense this man should be our Prime Minister and if you ever considered casting a vote for UKIP’s Nigel Farage think again as he has stated he has no problem with islam and if you take the time to contact their head office they also have no problem or policy on allowing halal slaughter houses on uk soil they are a one policy party and the only thing the public know them OUT of eu BUT precious little else so vote BNP for the real alternative for a better Britain.

  7. Tony Dean Says:

    Im so glad I woke up 4 years ago. I cannot believe I was once a member of the Labour Party and Involved with bent trade unions

  8. Britain Says:

    Currently we have £18.00 left over for food a week, yet we are living in the cheapest private property we can find at £367.00PCM.
    Conservatives also seem to be cheating in pulling the money in, I had an email from local housing claiming we have £150+ in overpaid benefit because my partner had not been paid his JSA. Looked back on the statements, he was paid.
    Sent them the statements, they sent me an email back saying it was not enough they wanted to see statements from ALL our accounts?! They were not asked for before. We only get an income in the one account. Sent them the statements which didn’t contain anything interesting & got sent a letter saying we had to pay 2 weeks of HB back because we did not receive JSA. But we did! I’ve sent 7 different statements proving it!
    They won’t budge.
    We are also being charged for loans we do not owe out of our JSA, we went to JC & they threatened to stop our money claiming my partner was “behaving unacceptably”.
    All he did was sit down and ask (calmly) why we were being penalized for nothing. They won’t tell us anything!

    Now my fathers neighbor has been charged £5000 in “overpaid” benefit because she was apparently claiming illegally whilst “in work”.
    The truth is she was off sick, she went the JC & they placed her on a specific benefit & then turned around & did not take any responsibility for putting her on the WRONG benefit.
    The conservative papers are having a field day, claiming she owes over £19k when she actually doesn’t, NO MENTION AT ALL that the Jobcentre put her on the WRONG CLAIM in the first place & then left her on it until they could attack her.
    That has been going on for months, I remember my father telling me she was trying to check she was on the right benefit, but “they” wouldn’t tall her anything about her claim!
    This is a decent , hardworking 60 year old lady who has put more than enough into the system over the years.
    She’s no friend of mine, but she does not deserve what she is going through. Her name has been dragged through mud & she’s too ashamed to go out plus she is confused. She has been, in essence, ripped off.

    Expect 2 new votes next election for the BNP.
    We are too scared to mention this on any other website incase of comeback attacking our income further I’m afraid.

    Ellesmere Port benefits cheat must pay back nearly £20,000

    Feb 27 2013 by Laurie Stocks-Moore, Ellesmere Port Pioneer

    A BENEFITS cheat from Ellesmere Port has been sentenced for illegally claiming more than £19,000 in benefits.

    Anne Wainwright, 60, of Atherton Road, Ellesmere Port, appeared at Chester Magistrates Court on Thursday, February 21, where she pleaded guilty to five offences of failing to promptly declare changes in her circumstances which she knew would affect her entitlement to housing benefit, council tax benefit, incapacity benefit and employment support allowance.

    She was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, and given a curfew preventing her from leaving the house between the hours of 7pm and 7am until April 17. She was also ordered to pay costs of £50.

    Anne Wainwright failed to declare to Cheshire West and Chester Council and the Department for Work and Pensions that she was in employment and was overpaid benefit totalling £19,539.66.

    Anne Wainwright is required to fully repay the money to Cheshire West and Chester Council and the Department for Work and Pensions.

  9. Britain Says:

    P.s – I forgot to add
    Well done for staying as strong as you all have considering all the slander that has been thrown at you. I have been following the BNP’s progress for the past 2-3 years. We are determined to vote BNP in the next election because something has to change & BNP interests are in our interests which is what we really need… The fact is the innocent are the only ones mainly who get caught out by sick tricks by the DWP such as the above, people committing benefit fraud are rarely either caught or put off because they are the ones who will always search for & find the loop holes in the system.

    We are young, stuck in a rut & we can’t move forward with what we want because we can’t find jobs. Life is literally passing us by, we have been together 4 years but we can’t get jobs, we can’t afford driving licenses or a car, we can’t save up for what we need for a family in the future or anything.
    Everyone who is foreign here seems to have all this, they get all the good jobs. I’m qualified in animal care, my husband wants to try & be a music producer, but there is NOWHERE to start. We simply cannot afford it because there are not even many low pay permanent jobs here. As I stated we live of (food) £18 roughly a week thanks to higher expenses & lower income
    Everyone our age is in the same situation, whether it is immigration as part of the cause or just poor growth combined… either way most of our friends gave up hoping & searching for a job years ago.

  10. Robe Says:

    Excellent and honest talk, Nick!
    Well done. :)

    @Vaughn….Everything you look up on the ‘net
    is gospel is it? Lol

  11. RichUK Says:

    This was the first Nick Griffin speech I watched and that got me interested in the BNP. I haven’t looked back! Just listen to his sincere, common sense approach and care for the British people – and then compare that to the lying, self-serving treasonous creeps from the Labour and Conservative parties who have wrecked our country and yet still get to run it. Nick Griffin for Downing Street.

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