Shocking: Ethnic Cleansing in Rotherham

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Shocking: Ethnic Cleansing in Rotherham

A defenceless 84 year old pensioner shares her story of harassment, intimidation and attempts of forcible displacement with BNPtv.

This is just one shocking example of what has been taking place up and down the country for years.

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96 Responses to “Shocking: Ethnic Cleansing in Rotherham”

  1. richard wood Says:

    All decent brits, forget the rest of the white spinless scum we should contribute to this ladies plight and help provide her with cctv.

  2. stephen page Says:

    Its disgracefull,but its happening for years and well documnented i belive by the BNP. The police will only do something if a Muslim was attacked. Shame on all the MPs of this Country. Kick out all Muslims untill they learn to behave.

  3. page Says:

    Traitors will be deported with the uncleaned back to were they come from in last 10yrs and what they tell us been here for the last 60yrs, lies the lot of them

  4. Tony Dean Says:

    She should sign the House over to her son OR put it in trust for her family. Dont let the scum take it off her or her family. I would block them all the way to hell. If I lived there I would arm myself , CCTV the place and keep pet Pigs

  5. malc Says:

    We know who`s doing this..and nothing is being done…they have a plan…and the police is letting it happen..

  6. malc Says:

    She should get intouch with her mp…but he will tread very csrefully..

  7. frank Taylor Says:

    horrible low life p*** scumbags having a go at an 84year old pensioner
    hope they are able to get some good quality CCTV with sound for this
    lady and hopefully the old bill will nick the vermin responsible.

  8. Dave Says:

    The authorities and the government are allowing this to happen. This is little more than ethnic cleansing and while immigrants do it, nothing gets done to stop it. If it was her doing this to the neighbours, she would be in court on charges or aggravated racism faster than she could draw her next breath.

    Liberal, Labour or Conservative a vote for any one of them is a vote for more of this. A vote for BNP means an end to all this.

  9. Rarecockney Says:

    This poor Lady is a victim of Racism. The fact she is white means it don’t count.If this woman was an Asian lady she would have the police bending over backwards to help her. white working class people are treated like dirt in Britain today. i feel sorry for this old Lady

  10. MikeUK4Life Says:

    What an absolute disgrace that this poor OAP has to endure these scum from the dregs of the 3rd world.

    I feel her pain, in the early 90s in East London, my family had to put up with the same intimidation by gangs of Muslim youths. We were constantly threatened by violence and when you are outnumbered by a ratio 50:1 you can’t afford to get involved if you value your life.

    Like in this poor woman’s case the council and police were next to useless and despite us constantly reporting these threats, nothing was ever done.

    In the end we had to move out as more and more white families left our estate.

    I hope the BNP can help this woman and perhaps we could set up a donation campaign to get her CCTV set up. Not that this conclusive proof would lead to convictions.

    We need to rid this filth from our country, they are barbaric and uncivilised.

  11. Dave Says:

    Deportation of not just the perpetrators but their entire extended family as well. Uncles, Aunts and everyone else related to them no matter where they live. Maybe that would encourage them to keep their relatives in check. I really don’t think it’s the kids who are the instigators, I believe it’s the parents telling them to do it so one of their relatives can come to the UK and move in there.

  12. JohnKent Says:

    Our Britain of today thanks to failed Labour and Tory government just makes one sick.

  13. Tony Bamber Says:

    What a very, very brave old lady. What have we come to that we allow foreigners to treat our elderly in this way.

  14. Chris Thornton Says:

    Some great comments I did think of starting a whip round to get CCTV fitted for the poor lady but she is not an isolated case so where do you stop. I think if the police and LIB/LAB/CON cllrs and MP’s wont help we should all act like Marlene is doing and shame the b@stards. White flight with intimidation is far more common than people realise and should hold stalls in effected areas offering support. As well as highlighting the problem it could show people that there is someone to turn to and would gain support for the party. On occasion when the traitors see the BNP are taking notice they get their fingers out.

  15. BNPtv Says:

    Marlene Guest and BNPtv are currently

    discussing various options with party officials

    in order to secure a suitable solution to this

    ladies predicement – updates to this will be

    posted on the party’s official website in due


  16. BC1959 Says:

    This is domestic terrorism… Where are the Intelligence Services now? Maybe it’s time for
    locals to set up the (CDF) Caucasian Defence Force.

  17. Scouse Says:

    Wow this disgusting! I hate the way racism is such a 1 way street!! Poor old lady shouldn’t have to live like this! She should be happy

  18. BedfordCrusader Says:

    Time to grow a backbone in this country and start to all pull together for the common good and deal with this once and for all

  19. Anthony Baggett Says:

    I am so angry. However, I am aware that our rulers care not a jot for English/British people. It is time for our people to stop thinking that the police, councils, members of parliament or Royalty care what happens to the English/British working class. There are no big wars, so we are not needed. We, like our German brothers, should hold flash torchlight demonstrations to highlight the plight of our people.

  20. Abu Fatimah Says:

    Im a muslim and Im disgusted by this behaviour

  21. Taylor Says:

    The sooner white people put together a militia to deal with this immigrant scum the better, this will be, and is the only answer to this sort of persecution of whites by filthy immigrant scum. They must be stopped by any means,whatever it takes.

  22. VinceBNP Says:

    This is OUR country!

    It will always be OUR country, and no one else’s. Britain belongs to the indigenous Anglo Saxon British and not to anyone else. We built our country and defended it whenever it came under threat, and it is coming under threat again!

    These people who come here to Britain (and who flood into the rest of Western Europe) do so because they don’t have the guts, the balls or even the intellect to build an identical civilised society of their own, so they exploit and parasite on other countries and cultures. This is what happens when you give people ‘sanctuary’ and ‘asylum’. They do far more than just bite the hand that feeds them; they tear your fuc**ing arm off!

    They see other advanced WHITE civilisations as an Aladdin’s Cave of criminal opportunity and exploitation and this is what everyone can clearly see in all Western societies where these people have a community or a foothold. They turn our once-peaceful communities into crime-ridden no-go areas of fear and terror. They are turning our country into the same lawless hell-hole they made of their own country, and now they are here wrecking our society and at the same time, telling us that we should get out of our own towns and country! I repeat: This is what happens when you give people ‘sanctuary’ and ‘asylum’. They are blood-sucking parasites who only take, take, take and never put anything back. What else can you expect from people like this?

    These foreigners are here only because we have been FORCED (by our traitorous Marxist politicians up at Westminster) to accept them—not because we wanted them here in the first place, or even agreed to have them. Now they are openly turning on the British people.

    We should start scrawling our own graffiti messages on walls all over the country: “Non-Anglo Saxons—OUT! OUT! OUT!”

    One more thing: There is no such thing, nor could there ever be such a thing, as a ‘British Muslim’ or a ‘British Pakistani’, or a ‘British’ anything else. There are only Muslim ‘Alien Residents’; Pakistani ‘Alien Residents’, etc., etc. So let’s get that straight, if nothing else!

    Non-Anglo Saxons (whoever they are and whatever their skin colour or ethnic origins) who describe themselves as being ‘British’ simply because they were physically ‘born’ here in Britain is an absolute nonsense. It’s like saying that because a dog is born in a stable, then it must be a horse! It’s all bullshit! They are talking about a piece of ‘politically correct’ Whitehall paper. I’m not. I’m talking about the ancestral blood that flows through a person’s veins! Now do you understand? Who we are and what we are, are irrevocably written into our biological and genetic DNA and neither they nor any politician, nor any law, or even God himself, can change that!

  23. Jean Says:

    Asian gangs are a problem worldwide. An even bigger problem in the UK is the failure of politicians and police to address the matter. Thank you, Labour, for your OVERPOPULATION POLICY, and your attempt to wipe out the AngloSaxons.

    Please ressurect ENOCH POWELL.

  24. Tono Fonseca Says:

    Right now here in Canada, there is a nation-wide aboriginal protest called “Idle No More”. It has featured aboriginal thugs blocking railways and roads, and calling for “an end to colonial rule”.

    Your daughter nation shares your plight and we stand by you eternally.

  25. AnAngryEnglishWoman Says:

    I am absolutely disgusted for this poor elderly woman. I am 55 years old and live alone, how long is it going to be before they come after me for my home I wonder. I used to love my country, but now I hardly recognise it. Everyone keeps saying we should do something about it, but no one is actually doing anything – it’s too late, the EU have got what they wanted – to destroy the United Kingdom, they’ve sat back and let it happen, hoping most of our young people would turn to drink and drugs, so there is very few white youth here to prevent what’s happening. There are so many Asians/non-whites living by me now, I feel as if I live in a foreign land.

  26. Mark Poxton Says:

    Just sent the link to South Yorkshire Police via their complaints dept (try finding another email address to contact them on!!) now they are aware of the old lasses plight, so no ‘we weren’t aware’ if owt else happens…
    3rd asian grooming gang on trial, sh1thole country, shameful brits!

  27. RLFielding Says:

    A Civil war is coming.
    The police are not doing their jobs.
    The Council are not doing their jobs
    Blind eyes were also turned away in the northern towns too with the Asian grooming of young girls.

    The current immigration debate…..
    FOR GODS SAKE seal our borders now!
    Our great and wise politicians will lead this country to civil war because of their inept and ill-judged dealings with our open house policy on immigration.
    The Labour party in particular deserve to be singled out in this miserable affair.
    Our country has enough problems now. We do not want to import criminal gangs and more gypsies from the continent.
    Take a stand on this. Close the borders now. Why are we not in control of our own borders and our own laws?
    When the **** hits the fan where will our glorious politicians be?
    This is our country….Our forefathers gave up their lives to defend these shores and (God rest their souls) must be turning in their graves at this tragic situation.
    Write to your MP.
    …..they won’t listen of course.

  28. Chris ENGLISH Says:

    My God, this boils my pxxx !
    Britain should be for the British, this scum and all alike should be flown out of OUR island never to return.
    We have to all walk on eggshells not daring to speak up or say or do anything to them. It’s no longer Great Britain ! X

  29. Andy Says:

    Really impressed by VinceBNP. I like people who call a spade a spade, (if you will excuse the pun).

    Maybe he’s the person to lead the nation (alongside the BNP) and start our own ‘ethnic cleansing’.

    I’m probably too old now, to witness future changes in the U.K. but I do fear for my children and grandchildren.

    Don’t expect any assistance from Government or individual M.P’s, except maybe Nigel Forage, who also calls a spade a spade and, although he has his own Party to think about, I would guess his views are not dissimilar to some of the B.N.P. views.

  30. Fatima Says:

    Really,really disgraceful. I hope the property is eventually turned in to a PIG FARM………. and not let these scumbags get their hands on it.

  31. Andy Says:

    Just in case the wording ‘ethnic cleansing’ is misunderstood, it was intended to mean, identifying people in this country, acting in a non christian manner and/or with intentions to destroy our christian way of life.

  32. mark watts Says:

    Iam a quiert ordinary guy that bothers nobody. But my house is armed top to bottom and i would not hesitate to defend my home and family with deadly force. i have 360 degree cctv alarms attack dogs etc…all because iam a white family man and iam racially in fear of these violent people who think i should not be here!! If you show any fear or you are not prepared for these parasitic vermin they WILL come for you..they will only target “SOFT” white people or the old and disabled. They know IAM no pushover and wouldnt win..BUT they WILL go next door ETC ETC ETC…

  33. teesgirl Says:

    cant you get a few people who live local to hide in wait for whoever is doing this?? I would if i lived nearby

  34. n.hubbleday Says:

    i`m a 59 year old widower who is afraid to go out anytime of the day i will be glad when i die ,it can`t come to soon for me .

  35. Mike Says:

    Rotherham seems to be a town with an aweful lot os white spineless Brits living in it. The elderly lady needs to take in a couple of burly lodgers in, armed with baseball bats. I’d reccomend her buyimg a guard dog who has a preference for ‘dark meat’

  36. Jim Says:

    I was choked up watching this,i could not watch it to the end.They would never show this on national news but if it were the other way round it would be all over the news.When on holiday to Spain in Augast i was talking to a policeman who was from Glasgow,he told me he policed a beat in the Govan area for two years and was moved to smewhere else for four.After his he returned to Govan,Glasgow he said he could not believe the ammount of Muslims that had “taken over” the Govan area.He also said he hated them and was still to hear an honest answer from them yet,he told me the police were near powerless to do anything to them.This beggars the question,What is the bigger picture???

  37. Derek Dumbrell Says:


  38. Janine Recchi Says:

    It is time British people re-claimed this country. We have become second-class citizens. I feel for this poor lady.

  39. roy roofer Says:

    scum bags should all be deported where the spiless mp s when this is going on all over the country get our country back before its to late

  40. purewhite Says:

    This is what happens when you let them dirty backward muslim,Pakistani,Asian bast@@ds in they just take over.
    If there own country was so great why done they fcuk off back to it .
    Thankfully i live in good old purewhite ULSTER we just never let them bast@@ds get a foothold in the first place I feel sorry for all you good old Anglo Saxon British guys over there ,but your all very welcome over here as we have thousands of white english/british familys moving over here every year thankfully and they always say god its great over here they just can;t beleave how white ULSTER is .
    Good luck with you fight and keep your hopes up that others will finally have the balls to say eneough is enough and send the lot of them back

  41. Paul B Says:

    Beggers belief

  42. Phil Says:

    asian bastards kick them out or kick the shit out of them ! there again the fuckin cop scum and MPs would have us charged shame on the system britain for the british asian bastards out go home pigs

  43. Roy Stannard Says:

    My respect for the police have admittedly waned over the last ten years or so but this case is typical of the boys in blue. I’m not surprised they don’t walk the beat anymore due to lack of spine. This is war, us v them and all the gutless LibLabCon administration. For God sake and the sake of our children and theirs in years to come, vote for the only political party that will end this nightmare. Rid the scumbag lowlife of this once great nation. Forever England.

  44. icetrout Says:

    LOL WTSHTF ,just what are you Brits going to use for weapons…plastic sporks? Ya’ll sold yourselves down the river not keeping your guns…Watch what we Americans do to the elites in this country… same medicine King George got is going to be shoved down Obamas mooslin gullet…

  45. Alex Says:

    Only a fool does not believe that this intimidation is deliberate political policy enforced by mediawhores and leftist, brainwashed shills who are too ignorant to see the end game: Worldwide communism. They take the guns off the law-abiding citizens–criminals don’t give them up or use the Black market–they flood countries with multicultural, aggressive ‘immigrants’ and they sit back and wait for the reaction when chaos happens. This then justifies the use of armed forces and militia to ‘defend’ people but the army never goes away while the dictatorial oligarchy and cabals strengthen their positions of absolute power. In all communist countries an eugenics programme of dissenters is then carried out and the weak and frail, and the rebellious are taken to work or death camps. Welcome to Britain 2013. God help us all.

  46. Steven Rogers Says:


  47. Ian Says:

    The Muslims just keep on backing real British People (those who actually deserve to be here, and really do belong here) into corners.

    They should’ve learned what the Western world is prepared to do in order to protect itself, by remembering Iraq.

    It’s up to us to remind them what we do when we’re up against an annoying itch that we’re not afraid of and that we know how to scratch!

    A Holy War against this elderly lady…Godd help them if we give them our version – an UNHOLY WAR!

  48. mike taylor Says:

    The poor chap (Vince) is wrong very few of us are Anglo Saxon

  49. Mr Canada Says:

    It truly is unbelievable how speaking out against such a crime is deamed rascist. This is a hate for profit crime and leves me with a sick feeling in my gut. This story must be only one of many that happen every day in Briton today, has individuals from different ethnic backgrounds use intimidation to push out those that have spent years building up the community. This greed and hate driven race crime against a defenseless senior must stop and thoughts found guilty punished. My hart go out to her, be brave dear lady and do t give in to the terror at your door step Briton must defend you CTV camaras are the least that should do
    God bless you

  50. John Elliott Says:

    Whether you like it or not, Churchill was the direct cause of all of Britain’s problems today, including the blacks and now possible Scottish “independence” (God forbid).
    Instead of making peace with the Germans, who tried everything to make peace with Britain, including Rudolph Hess flying to Scotland to meet those that had the sense to realise that peace with Germany was in Britain’s primary interest, Churchill rattled every sabre to go to war. He was a natural warlord from his South African days and wanted to fight the Germans at any cost to Britain.
    Well the cost was very high and resulted in the destruction of much of Europe and countless British deaths. Men and women who died for what they thought was the future freedom of Britain, not the trashing of it that has come about relentlessly since 1945.
    The irony is that none of it was necessary. The Germans had no strategic interest in Britain. They saw their destiny in the East and wanted Britain to get on with the British Empire through the power of the Royal Navy, while they turned their attentions to expanding Germany eastward.
    Had this occurred, there would not be a single resident black in the whole of Europe today. Europe would have remained a continent of white people. Just think of it.
    But instead, take stock of what we have in it’s place. I believe that Churchill was a patriot, but a very mistaken one in his inability to forecast the eventual outcome of his rigid policies.
    In his “The history of the English speaking peoples”, he left out the final chapter; “The death of the (white) English speaking peoples”. For that is surely the inevitable fate of all white people in today’s New World Order. It’s just a matter of time.

  51. Gavo Says:

    Poor old soul, this made me sad, £35 to tape up her aeriel wire then cut it again, just awful could not watch till the end, too frustrating , surely something can be done, it’s dreadful this…

  52. Lee G Says:

    And Mike Taylor, Vince is correct with everything he said in his rant. I would have put down a similar statement myself. The majority of English people are Anglo Saxon you moron. The Anglo Saxons founded England. There were other groups that came after but none were as prevalent. Anyway, thats not the point. Biologically, these pakis and niggers, whether they were born here or not are NOT biologically British so that makes them aliens to our country. Their DNA is different and therefore is destroying our ethnic background. Seeing mixed race hybrids walking around knocks me sick!!!

  53. Carl Says:

    England has we know it is doomed the borders are open, we will let anyone in, I am 43 now by the time I reach my pension if I do england will implode, we have too many cultures here now, this is not England anymore, we will become the minority and be over run. I probaly will be lucky not to see it happen, but my kids will suffer and their kids will. I am not a racialist person I believe in live and let live, however the people we are allowing into our country have no value on life they don’t abide by our laws they have no respect for our way of life. They come over milk our system cause chaos and don’t even have the deceny to spend the money they get on the social in england, they send it back to their country, their country benifts from our benifits system while england gets deeper into resession

  54. David Says:

    I think its terrible that this is happening in our Country. We need to stop any more coming in before its to late. Leaving the EU with their rules on Immigration can’t come soon enough.

  55. TN Says:

    Elderly people should NEVER have to be threatened, intimidated and harassed. It is completely unacceptable. These Asians have to be removed and thrown out of the country! Enough.

  56. Lance Says:

    The same thing is happening in areas in Australia. Utter disgrace.

  57. Roger Says:

    I hear there is to be a PEACEFUL march on May Day against the moslem invasion of OUR country. I think it starts at 10am at Hyde Park and ends up with Rule Britannia outside Buckingham Palace, so our chance to tell Westminster that we’ve had enough and want the moslem scum dumped back in their own countries.

  58. Charlie D1mock Says:

    I received a letter from the Communications Unit of the Home Office in responce to my writing of the serious harassment, assaults and attempts on my life by immediate neighbours who used to use same behaviour with the people who owned my home before me.
    A Brian Foley wrote saying that the Government will not allow physical voilence. Well it continued and nothing was done. I wrote to Teresa May and was replied to by one of her staff that nothing could be done. Involving the local Lincolnshire Police only meant further harassment from them and my being locked in rooms at police stations on two occassions.
    I was advised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission that the type of harassment and abuse l have suffered is a level four type for which there is no time limits on reporting and having addressed. I even met recently with the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire ( Neil Rhodes) on a matter of corruption that the IPCCC had upheld for him to address with me.
    It was a wasted meeting as he was insulting to me and my helper ( l am registered disabled with limited mobility ). My helper who assists me with my disabitlies and has looked after me for over 12 years was referred to as my colleague. I had been told that the Chief Constable had issued memos to the whole of Lincolnshire Police that they were not to talk to me and if l rang to put the phone down on me. I was left for 5 days trying to report an attempted break in at my home, by the phone being put down as soon as l said my name. This Chief Constable would not deny his putting this memo out or would he deny his backing a senior officer who attempted to blackmail me in a matter that Lincolnshire Police’s Emerald Unit is presently now addressing. The Chief Constable had written to me backing the officer who attempted to blackmail me. I got no answers only silence at the meeting. The solicitor taking notes , will not provide evidence of them to me. It would appear anything can be covered up when it comes to matters of this ilk.

  59. ANNA Says:


  60. Denis Riley Says:

    They will always target the vulnerable….Sheffield is going down a similar route…It’s never one on one..!

  61. Brian Deller Says:

    This happened in Brixton, South London in the 50 – 60s where old people suffered firebombs and dog s–t was put through there letter boxes until they sold their homes for a pittance. Then the blacks moved in, many ignorant but uncaring of the reasons why the homes were for sale. The poor woman here like many Brits now is too scared to even mention that they are Asians for fear of being called racist, a sickness that has affected most Brits now. If nothing is positively done by the authorities now, Enoch Powell’s prophecy will come true. And many law abiding citizens will be amongst the white vigilantes. Such a shame that the British government and the police are so gutless now. They are every bit as guilty of the blame as the people causing the TERROR. The only people who are racist in this case are the Asians (Muslims?) who have proved it by their provable actions. When someone calls you racist you know you are morally winning. Such a shame that this situation, and many more similar ones, has been allowed to exist.
    BTW it is time for all to stand up and BE NAMED as fearless campaigners against the Left Wing and the Liberals who are wrecking Britain.

  62. Cindy Says:

    Two days after I buried my mother I received about 3 callers at the door. They were all Asian, all wanting to buy my house. One of them said to me he had seen details of the house in one of the estate agent windowsin our town (a lie). I asked Oh, which one?” and he said he couldnt remember but as he was here could we talk about the house? He got very, very angry when I told him the house was not for sale and he knew it! It’s true – if you are by yourself with no one on the premises to back you up, you are seen as easy meat. Later on, an Asian postman new to our streets began to hassle me by not putting post thru letterbox. When he was removed from that walk he dropped me a note on his last day to say that if I was interested in selling the house I should call a tel number.

  63. brian dyche Says:

    boycott all asian buisness taxies shops everything use white buisnesses only i have alwaysdone this.i would sooner walk 10 miles than have a taxi off these low life htere own country they are looked on as low life

  64. Geoff Says:

    I deal a lot with Asians repairing there snooker tables in clubs, all over the country and they are not to be trusted, every job I have done, the try to screw you on price, I am aware of their practices, and you have to count your money every time you do a job for them, they only deal in cash, so the HMRC must be done out of millions, I am not racist, but I do think the mainstream parties have let the indigenous British people down, the BNP would do something, but I feel the British people are brainwashed by PC thinking, something needs to be done before it is irrervasible.

  65. Konstantin Marakhin Says:

    Dear White Brothers! We, the Russian people, in Russia are also suffering from the same tribulation of black immigration or avalanche. The Police here is also active only if a black is attacked or just supposed to have been so! We, the honest Russians, fully support Your cause in Britain! Please have a Good Luck!
    Konstantin V.Marakhin, St.Petersburg, Russia

  66. Roger Paling Says:

    It makes me so mad that my first thoughts are unprintable.
    Now I have calmed down somewhat, I propose we start up a fund to repay this lady her expenses so far, then get her CCTV and any other security measures appropriate. I will “put my money where my e-mail is and start this off with £100 as soon as you confirm details of how to make a payment and then I hope some more will come forward with backbone and ready to fight!

  67. Cindy Says:

    To GEOFF. The building firm that I worked for also found this. Every Asian would try to renegotiate at the end of a job. Muslims of every nationality are the worst, but Asians generally are not to be trusted where ££ is concerned. If a job was costed at, say, £800 when it came to paying us they would say something like “Oh yes, here you are … it was £600 wasnit it?” Cheeky gits.

    To KONSTANTIN. I am surprised that it is the same in Russia. What nationality of blacks do you have?

  68. Steven Jenkins Says:

    Having a friend who is a copper and a mrs as an ex-copper, I’m sorry to say that the everyday PC on the street is powerless. They are NOT allowed to lodge crimes of racism against Asians (unwritten of course, but the Sargent will soon slap you down if you try to further a complaint). My lass was put on a charge for failing to comply with the ridiculous politically correct lines they espouse. She questioned the fairness and one-sidedness FROM HER EXPERIENCE ON THE STREET. She was pulled into an ‘unofficial’ meeting and told to shut up and keep her head down or she’d be out of a job. The inspector, originally a good friend of ours, told her that it’s too late to do anything about the immigrant population now as it is too large and their job is just to try and keep the country from tipping into civil war. The parting comment was ‘we all have the same views, generally speaking, but there is nothing we can do. The politicians need their votes.
    My lass handed her notice in 6-months later!

  69. Andrew Kerr Says:

    While this country of ours keeps voting in the same self-serving gutless scumbags time after time this behaviour will continue, the main 3 parties dont care about ordinary British citizens, to busy selling us out to the stinking EU rather than rid our country of arrogant disrespectful foreign scum, no person young or old should feel or BE threatened by anyone, foreign or demestic.

  70. Vanbar Says:

    Islam has always be a magnet for the debauch and criminally insane.

  71. Bunty Says:

    Police are disgusting, they have allowed this to go on for years, they look after the Asians when they attack white people, harass, abuse and death threats! Treat elderly and vulnerable people like idiots.

    Get these Asian out of our country! Vote BNP!

  72. Tom Says:

    The people of Britain all face the same question posed from the leftist liberal elite – surrender to us and you shall be free of our vilification, free of the social gulag and free to live a live of self-service and hey, you may just get rich. Or…dare oppose our rape of Great Britain and you shall be vilified, you shall be ostracised, you shall have vitriol thrown at you and we will do whatever we can to make your life as untenable as possible. Sadly in light of this situation most British people are now too spineless to oppose the left giving their upbringing within an increasing soulless, cowardly, materialistic and unprincipled society, and hence therefore choose to accept the terms of the surrender and thereby give up the fight for their country. This as a result leaves only one final band of brave men, one last battalion with a noble cause in their hearts prepared to fight to the end come what may. They represent the final candle of Britishness now that all other lights have gone out. The left meanwhile have moreover ensured that written into the terms of the surrender is their requirement from those who sign up to the surrender that they must also be prepared to fight for the left against the last British battalion and hence vilify any and all opponents of the left. In tandem with this it of course remains important that ignorance retains the strength of its currency within our society for the rape of Britain to continue at its optimal rate. Hence grooming, ethnic cleansing and a multitude of other issues ripping apart the fabric of our society are deliberately airbrushed by the media and other leftist-controlled sources. On occasions, embers of these truisms escape through the leftist filter, (fitted upon all British societal structures). However for the masses, recognising the truth of the rape of our society would result in a volatile and incompatible mixture of the omnipotent river of leftist lies which overwhelmingly dominates their mindset and the truth of the reality of the rape of our country. Hence the mindless masses have learnt to willfully dismiss and turn a blind eye to these truisms, supplanting these embers with, if need be, deliberate ignorance, so as to ensure they retain their sense of ideological cohesion and thereby remain clear of the potentially self-endangering stance of principalism. Better to leave that to the “mad” BNP.

  73. John Garland Says:

    Vote Labour or Conservative and this is what you get.

  74. joe Says:

    the law !! needs to sort its self out seriosly

  75. Dave Wallace Says:

    There are too many asian families, growing by the hour, what are we to do when our own race’s growth is only one 5th of theirs? We are being overrun by these religious fanatics! Muslims are a race of people who’s only desire is to conquer wherever they land. Have no respect for any other human being (unless a dhimmi) the problem we have with these animals, is our own government seems to think that WE are the scum and the rest are ‘beneficial’ to the country!? The one thing the industrialists do not like, is people who stand up for their rights (strikes, boycotting etc) we live in a corporate bubble called the UKPLC, their only objective is to make more money. We are now classed as second-class citizens in our own country. Either we do something about it or we are going to lose it – period!!
    These asian scumbags want hanging in front for all to see that we will not relinquish our country.



  77. Cindy Says:

    I worked for an Arab for 9 yrs and I can categorically state that their mindset is thoroughly dishonest. ALL of his friends & acquaintances did one another over where money was concerned; never mind the “He is my brother in Islam” stance, it’s all a veneer. He spent too much money on luxuries and not on essentials – such as staff wages and bills. But more than that – his obsession with sex and online porn was getting out of hand and replacing what he should have been doing. He told me that he lived for sex and that was all that interested him.

    I found him and his friends to be stupid, basically. Devious and canny, yes, but essentialy thick. But he had a lot of front and managed to convince bankers and business people that he was very wealthy and successful by dressing the part and walking the walk. He was in business with white Brits and it was they who kept the business running and all legal requirements attended to. My employer in the end stiffed them by not contributing £ to the business pot and legal fees owed and then accusing THEM of all sorts.
    One thing that really stands out in my memory is that you could not have a rational conversation with him, esp. if he was in the wrong; he would throw in everything but the kitchen sink and go on the offensive but he would never answer a straightforward question.

  78. Henry Mayers Says:

    What was the Battle of Britain all about ??? If those young men could see what our useless politicians are doing to this country. Stuffing multi culturism down our throats and police scared of immigrants complaining. If they break the law (some law) DEPORT THEM. Multiculturism is the curse. This is a white country, end of story.

  79. ian Says:

    i think its about time it all stops the politicians
    are doing nothink for the old an for the hole peaple
    of whot once whose a great county thay live not in the same world as us thay cheat the peaple when thay get to power
    thay let enny one in to this county let them have there say thay can say whot thay wont chant death
    to are solders burn the flag tel police we are the one that are racist
    an still nothink gets dun about it
    get some one in whot will do somethink
    stop the immigrants am most of all muslims takin over briten

  80. jay Says:

    so sad but now a reality not for her for all of us, flood gates wide open and rich pickings for the jackals, we are the minority now and this cannot be reversed. :(

  81. Mark Says:

    Ask this old lady which party she voted for
    over the past 15-60 odd years ??? i think you
    will find the cause of all her problems

  82. Stuart Marum Says:

    Yet again asians racialy abusing this poor lady and the authorities do nothing to help . We must soon do somthing about all these asians, through our history we have stood firm against invaders , we must get this scum out of this country NOW !!

  83. Jenny Says:

    I am a registered nurse and have worked as a locum for many years in different GP’s surgerys where 90% of the doctors are asian (Medway. There is something that I have wanted to report for many years but cannot as I know that nothing will be done about it and this is a serious matter of Negligent treatment and Health & Safety. Many Asian doctors will not do internal female examinations, not smears, not pregnancy not post natal, they are even loathe to do breast examinations “properly”, they make some sort of silly attempt at it trying not to touch the patient and a normal, “non medically trained” woman would not know that she wasn’t being examined properly! I was so angry about this that I actually intervened with one woman and suggested she get a second opinion. For this I was sacked….!I took the GP to court and I LOST !!!!! The GP had a letter from the patient saying that I had scared her and that she was too young (told by the doctor) to have cancer!!!!
    You can look up research and statistics that absolutely contradict this. Just what are we to do about this situation?

  84. Clive G. Linington Says:

    When are we going to stop talking and START ACTING?
    I wish I were a young man again, but I am 70 and in poor health. Where is our young blood who will stand back to back, shoulder to shoulder with their fellow Countryman, and drive these interlopers, this band of filthy brown insects out of our land? If a part of the community is protecting these Islamic hoards, then THEY TOO must be regarded as part of the enemy also, and must be prepared to meet the same treatment as the fiends themselves. THESE INVADERS OF OUR LAND MUST BE STOPPED JUST AS SOON AS IT IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, OR THEY WILL OUT-BREEED US, AND TAKE YOUR COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY AWAY FROM US. THE SAME TREATMENT WILL BEFALL THE REST OF EUROPE, AND THEN THE WORLD. We MUST defeat this enemy before they become stronger, before their technology overtakes ours. Please belive me….. this WILL be our fate. I am too old to see it,I will be dead and gone beforenIslam has it’s day. But this generation, and certainly the next one will be those who will live under Sharia Law. It is YOUR WIVES,YOUR DAUGHTERS AND YOUR SISTERS who will be half-buried and stoned to death. Your sons yourbrothers will be the ones who will lose their heads puplicly in what will be left of your High Street and open places, and you must act now to stop it happening. If you do nothing, then remember these words, for they will surly come to pass and be your fate.
    Read these words and broadcast them. Print and post them where your countrymen will see them, so that if YOU don’t act, then others will.

  85. elliemac1st Says:

    I am disgusted from watching the video. Firstly, It is our politicians in Westminster etc that cause this lady and others like her. Look at questiontime, their answers not only show an unlightened grasp of reality. Do they think that when the sxxx hits the fan that they will escape the treatment that is being dished out to residents of these areas. They will be on the receiving end of the attacks all be it, later than the rest of us.
    Someone made the point that they breed faster than us by 5 times but it is more like 8 and even 10 times faster. Do the maths of their 5 children who go on to have five children etc an so on.
    Have any of you seen the actual demographics over the last year we have seen a few It is truly the scariest thing I have ever seen. If not give me your email address and I can email it or just ask me and I can put the link on another post.
    I am in Scotland and probably a bit more sheltered in a lovely rural village but I have not doubts that it is all only a matter of time.The big areas like Glasgow and Edinburgh have been catching up though and I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess at the figures. Now onto facts and figures. Are we the people the only ones that can see what is in front of our eyes and all the talk and a pages like this. I am not sure how they can be escaping this and to talk as if they think everything in the garden is rosy. Is a total Dr. Who moments.
    The BNP far from being so out there and only used for picking out something derisory about them. I am totally behind them now. I am a gran of 4 and I find I am now telling them they should not bring children into this world because they are the ones who will be most at risk and if I am lucky enough to be in Heaven!!then I know that the thunder and lightning will rain down as heavily as I can Pxx on them not my grandchildren the ones that are brutally taking this country from us all.
    The fact that the grooming gangs were reported by the BNP and that the government and police just made light of it and the bnp should be taken really seriously. If you think the opposite of this then please check out their website and make up your own mind. I did!!
    I have also got an email which gives you an update of what will happen next when an area has whatever percentage of muslims in that country and it is shockingly flabbergasting. Check out the countries that are listed in it and then check what is going on in that country and you can see that it really is happening at the speed and modus operandi that is in black and white.
    I was a believer that always thoughtthink the good of people unless they do something to you which changes that view. I now know that politicians and government are totally off heir heads and want us to believe that we are thinking in the wrong way. Sorry I need to go but I may come back on if anyone else wants to chat or make comment on my thoughts

  86. Adams G. Says:

    everybody is calling for action, but we gotta do better than that and make as many babies as we can.. that is the problem.

  87. Adams G. Says:

    Every immigrant has got his home, meaning home country they can come back to at any time, white people are being made gypsies.I would like everybody to look up for Barbara Lerner Strande, Jewish , what she says should happen to Europe. Jewish are the ones who corrupt our politicians, and it is all legal. They envy us that we have our own countries, they attempt to turn white people into Gypsies they are themselves.

  88. Adams G. Says:

    please watch Jewish approach:

    they are extremely dangerous.

  89. Adams G. Says:

    in case anybody calls you racist- there you go , say he is your pastor:

  90. pete jarvis Says:

    send the p*** bastards home,,they dont belong in our country

  91. Susie Says:

    send this on to the Prime Minister (if it was his grandma being treat like this he would ACT!) – shame on our government for turning a blind eye to how our country is being eradicated

  92. Konstantin Marakhin Says:

    TO CINDY: In previous years of the Iron Curtain we in Russia used to have and tolerate the muslim Asians from Tajikistan,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan and Cauacasian muslims only dwelling side by side with us in our Russian cities. Now, as the so-called Soviet Union has collapsed and the Curtain fallen,the immigration avalanche from distant Asian countries,like Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and more and more africans of all kinds have flown and poured in torrents into Mother Russia, You know!
    My Granny (Mother’s Mom),who was born in the late 19th century in the Tsarist Russia, when we, the white Russians,were legally 100% controlling our Motherland of Russia,when saw one African man for the first time, had had a shock and refused to believe that a human being might have a black looking for my Granny had never ever seen a black person before! But now black africans have become a commonplace sight here in my Christian Orthodox country of Russia. So I feel so sad to observe such a transformation of my homecountry, to which I am fully and honestly devoted!
    So, one more time I and all of my twin-minded Russian friends wish Your cause to have good and noble upper hand in Britain!
    Sincerely, Konstantin V. Marakhin, St.Petersburg, Russia

  93. nellyyelly Says:

    help this lady. the police need help . this is england.this is liblabcon dickhead england. lts vote fools for everland.just think if we was a good people who helped YOU dont let the liblabcon take you down with them.

  94. Woman beheaded in London - Page 17 - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum Says:

    [...] [...]

  95. Benjamin Says:

    As my old mom would say, “Some people are pig-ignorant”.

    I think that people who call themselves ‘Anglo-Saxon’ should go and learn about the history of the good old British isles … they spew ignorance and have no idea how the rich and diverse culture of England has been created and extended

    Over the past two thousand years these islands have been conquered by the:
    Normans (previously Vikings).

    Also there have been many immigrants to these shores that have added to our rich culture and diversity.

  96. Elsa Says:

    The biggest outrage is the lack of police protection. When crimes are committed – and so many crimes have been committed against this woman – one is entitled to police protection. Who is in charge of the police? Not someone who cares about this woman, or other people like her.

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