Meet Tommy Robinson the proud Zionist

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Meet Tommy Robinson the proud Zionist

Tommy Robinson interviewed at the SION meeting held in New York on September 11th 2012

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11 Responses to “Meet Tommy Robinson the proud Zionist”

  1. roy ives Says:


  2. Tom Says:

    Can you see the day when we would allow Tommy back into our ranks ?

  3. mike c Says:

    Not possibly the most articulate of speakers however his message is clear & the truth so at least give the guy credit he answered the questions presented to him! Other more eloquent persons would do well to emulate Tommy?

  4. Mike Says:

    This man; what’s his name?? Robinson? Or is it something else?? He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

    Now that Nick Griffin has outed the EDL as being totally funded and manipulated by Jewish businessmen, ‘Robinson’ is pretending to LIKE the fact that it is now out in the open.

    It is now public knowledge that this muppet is, in fact, a puppet! He has no interest in England, as he is Irish and anti-English. His sole purpose is to please his bosses and make Israel the capitol of the world.

    Maybe the 99% of genuine English patriots in the EDL will finally see the reason WHY there are as many Israeli flags, as English flags, at an EDL demo.

    The EDL and Robinson are quite literally; “False Flags”!

  5. JohnKent Says:

    Personally i don’t know Tommy Robinson but the obvious impression observation from this short interview with him he is no leader of any creditable political movement that’s for sure as his statements are inarticulate and uninformed as he comes over as a total zionist supporter i would take a guess he is from Jewish birth and has an obsession with fighting their cause and no doubt supports halal slaughter as do all from the Jewish faith.

  6. Clive Says:

    Ah! Now I know what a ‘pleb’ is…..

  7. Roy West Says:

    Made a fool out yourself there mate no question.
    “Those in glass houses.”

  8. A Swain Says:

    Tommy Robinson is not in the business of preserving the native people of England and their culture, lineage, heritage and belief system nor for that matter, that of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles as a whole either.

    He is a merely a civic nationalist in other words, a faux nationalist.

    I doubt if any black South African or Indian native, for example, would agree to join a cause let alone lead one that is not about preserving the genetic lineages, cultures, traditions, customs and belief systems of their respective native brethren, but instead is all about upholding a previously foisted multicultural construct along with its genocidal ramifications for those same indigenous peoples of said nations.

    Singling out just one very troublesome alien belief system and its attendant cultural practices whilst turning a blind eye to the many other alien examples which are also in the process of perpetually wiping out and supplanting both the native peoples and their culturals and traditions across the whole nation albeit more quietly and stealthly, is hypocritical and downright criminal in the extreme.

    The EDL must be vilified at every turn until it is discredited out of hand because its existence creates a division within the nationalist movement, ie, between those representing the true nationalist cause which is, in fact, indigenous ethnonationalism and the faux brand to which he belongs.

  9. Mick Braun Says:

    ah ha , its Tommy Robinstien,my boy!

  10. Mike hughes Says:

    I was at the NY SION seminar and was impressed both by Tommy and Kevin speech and they both hit the nail on the head on Englands Islam problem and that’s what they are fighting for and I support them the words from the BNP staff that their funded by Zionist ? What’s the problem with the BNP group accusing EDL of funding from Zionist I take it you really mean from Jews Tommy say no we are self funded so please present proof that his wrong and lying to the world or present the proof please you have your way of saving Britain and the EDL have their way you are only belitte your selves and England needs all the help it can get to rid the present ruling elite who are destroying England so I ask thet you stop fighting these petty things and what if two or three Jews sent money to the BNP are you being supported by the Zionest ? Move on and keep up you good work and bring back free speech to England that is the priority one in this fight.
    Mike Hughes

  11. VinceBNP Says:

    What a silly, misguided fool. He can’t even enunciate the English language. Here is a chap who is consumed by his own self-importance.

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