Life on the frontline

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Life on the frontline

Mike Coleman gives a statement outside Stoke Crown Court earlier today and confidently answers a series of questions put to him by a reporter of the BBC.

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36 Responses to “Life on the frontline”

  1. Tom Says:

    Support the BNP in whatever way you can , it’s the people’s party.

    Join, deliver leaflets, buy Freedom
    newpaper or send a fiver donation when you can it all helps.

    We are in danger of being locked up just for thinking thoughts that are not PC.

    Give backing in whatever way you can to the freedom party BNP.

  2. Jane Says:

    Good point from Mike telling the media that they will find they are restricted in what they can say even while they think they support Political Correctness. Few people know how easy it is to accidentally say something that is newly forbidden.

  3. Mike Says:

    Mike Coleman is a star!

    No matter what they throw at him, he just keeps bouncing back, and he (and we) will never, ever give up!

  4. steve hallam Says:

    mike’s always been a trooper,well done mick.

  5. MsBridgit Says:

    He speaks extremely very well and speaks a lot of common sense we are fortunate having educated people like him representing us.

  6. Michael Says:

    I am very proud to have met Mike.
    We will not be intimidated.

  7. David Says:

    All of us nationalists and any person who still cares about freedom, fully support you Mike!

  8. gareth shenton Says:

    congrats coelman, we need to educate the young about the two great wars ,instead of them taking drugs and drinking.they are scum,here in stoke the place is filling up with darkies and druggies most in their 20s and the women pushing prams with cans of lager in there hands,darkies in stoke with 2 3 4 5 6 7 children.wots going on ? i will speak up for this country.oh thanks to the pakistani council who run stoke-on-trent.

  9. solinvictus Says:

    mike coleman rocks

  10. Jay Says:

    Tony Blair’s Islington People:
    Tony Blair War criminal , torturer, liar , psychopath, multiculturalist, Bilderberg Group member. Two convictions for cottaging (1974 &1983)subject to D-Notices. Allegedly some of those caught up in the Operation Ore child porn investigation were :Gerald Kaufman, Gordon Brown, Alan Milburn, John Prescott, and Peter Mandelson. Blair stopped Police investigations by claiming a threat to National Security and put a D-Notice on the press to stop any reporting on it. It is believed the CIA/FBI used Operation Ore information to blackmail the Labour Party in to supporting the Iraq War.

    Baron Peter Mandelson raised to the peerage by Tony Blair in 2008. Claims to be the brains behind New Labour he has amassed a fortune estimated at over £20 million from his time in Government. Denounced by Tam Dalyell MP as being part of Blair’s “ Jewish Cabal“. Openly homosexual he was a strong supporter of lowering the age of consent. His private life is subject to several D-Notices. Incredibly Mandelson is Chief Trustee of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and has put his “people“ in key positions there.

    Phillip Lyon- Blair’s close confidante he was jailed for a year in 2003 for child pornography.

    Margaret Hodge MP nee Oppenheimer. A German Jew she has constantly been linked to Care Home satanic child sex abuse and murder rings of British Children in Islington and Jersey when she was Head of Islington Council and their subsequent cover up. Hodge described reporters who broke the Islington child sex abuse story as “ the gutter press “and the victims as“ mentally unstable and extremely disturbed “. To widespread horror Tony Blair made Hodge his Minister for Children in 2003. Very close to Jack Straw and Harriet Harman.

    Jack Straw MP an East European Jew he was behind the cover up of the Hillsborough disaster and the Jersey/Islington satanic child sex abuse and murder scandal. A major driving force behind child brides in the UK. He is the Politician behind the phrase“cultural sexual diversity“. In 2009 Jack Straw made it illegal for any child to complain about abuse while in the care system ( The Times and Independent Feb.15th 2009 ). Placed all the Thomas Hamilton ( Dunblane massacre ) papers under a 100 year secrecy law. Jack Straw’s brother William has been convicted for a sex attack on a schoolgirl.

    Harriet Harman QC MP. When Legal Officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties ( later Liberty)she constantly lobbied the Government to legalise child pornography , paedophilia and incest , she has repeatedly denied this but recently released Government documents have her signature on them. A niece of Lord Longford she is very close to M Hodge and P Hewitt.

    Lord George Robertson raised to the peerage by Blair in 1999 has been accused in the Scottish Press of using his influence as a Freemason to obtain a firearms license for Thomas Hamilton ( Dunblane massacre ) and of running a Masonic paedophile network involving Hamilton for the British Establishment based in Scotland , Islington and Jersey. A D-Notice has been put on the press and Lord Robertson is threatening to sue, although so far he hasn‘t yet.

    Patricia Hewitt ex MP . From 1974 to 1983 she was General Secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties(later Liberty)when it lobbied the Government to legalise child pornography, incest and paedophilia on behalf of the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation. Harriet Harman signed all the documents and Hewitt has always denied any knowledge of this. Major driving force behind the sex education of very young children she has argued that fathers are not a good influence on children. Member of the Gay Liberation Front in the 70s when it was affiliated to P.I.E. and P.A.L. and ran Islington Care Homes. Kicked out of the Labour Party in 2010 after cash for lobbying scandal.

    Labour Party Paedophile Scandal 1
    Harriet Ruth Harman MP QC (born 1950), is a British Labour Party Politician MP. She was the interim Leader of the Labour Party, and Leader of the Opposition, from 11 May to 25 September 2010. She is the niece of Lord Longford.
    After qualifying as a lawyer, Harriet Harman worked for Brent Law Centre in London. She lives with her husband Jack Dromey also a Labour MP .
    Between 1978 and 1982, Harriet Harman was employed as the Legal Officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties which later became Liberty.
    At the time the National Council for Civil Liberties was officially affiliated to two organisations, the Paedophile Information Exchange and the Paedophile Action for Liberation, whose members argued openly for the abolition of the age of consent.
    When Harriet Harman first entered politics this matter was brought up, but a friendly media and other politicians accepted her claims that the NCCL no longer had any connection with P.I.E./P.A.L. when she was Legal Officer between 1978 and 1982 . However it later transpired that P.I.E./P.A.L. had been officially affiliated with the NCCL until 1982, when Harman left and P.I.E./P.A.L. went underground.
    She has since repeatedly veered between denying any connection with P.I.E. and P.A.L., and claiming that as a Legal Officer for the NCCL she had no choice in who she represented.Patricia Hewitt ex MP was General Secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties from 1974 to 1983.
    As with a lot of liars Harman has different versions of events for different audiences.
    Let’s look at the first lie that she was never connected or in contact with P.I.E. or P.A.L. in any way:
    Documents now in the Public Domain show a NCCL letter signed by Harriet Harman objecting in the strongest terms to any laws against child pornography, unless it could be proved by the prosecution that the child was harmed. The NCCL also submitted a response to the Government arguing for lowering the age of consent and stating “ Childhood sexual experiences , willingly engaged in , with an adult result in no identifiable damage.” When the Government moved to crack down on child pornography , the NCCL’s response, again signed by Harriet Harman , claimed the new law could lead to “ absurd prosecutions and increased censorship”. As Legal Officer for the NCCL she also argued to abolish incest laws. Jack Dromey served on the NCCL Executive Committee from 1970 to 1979. There are allegations that Lord Longford was part of this lobbying but no documentary evidence has emerged yet.
    So having nailed the lie that she was never involved in P.I.E. or P.A.L. let’s have a look at the lie that she had no choice but to represent paedophile groups as Legal Officer for NCCL. Well this is also obviously not true as visiting the NCCL/Liberty website will show that NCCL/Liberty state :
    “ Liberty receives thousands of requests for legal advice and assistance each year. Because we’re a small organisation with limited resources, our lawyers are unable to take up all of these cases actively.”
    So clearly NCCL/Liberty don’t have to take up every case they are approached with.
    P.I.E. went underground in 1982, but resurfaced in June 2012 mounting a demo in support of muslim paedophiles outside Liverpool Crown Court led by Labour Party Councillor Louise Baldock and Labour Party Activists Bob Sutton , Maev McDaid , Phil Dickens and Nikki McDonough.
    This all leaves one question : Should this “ woman “ be a Member of Parliament?

    Labour Party Paedophile Scandal 2
    In the London Borough of Islington, all of Islington’s 12 children’s homes were run by paedophiles from the 70′s up until the early 90′s and protected by Islington Council and the National Government. Victims vigorously pursued justice and appealed to all levels of government for help but were blocked at every turn.
    While government authorities continually refused to investigate despite undeniable evidence, The Evening Standard newspaper did investigate and found that many of the children’s homes managers were part of an international ring that supplied children for abuse and pornography after the Care Home system had been infiltrated by the Gay Liberation Front, who had insisted no background checks were made on care workers.. The abuse in Islington was connected to the abuse and murder ring in Jersey and other locations and children were exchanged between facilities. Police in the UK and Jersey were given full details but would not investigate.
    The Jersey investigation was hampered at every turn by the authorities in Jersey and Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, who headed up the investigation, faced sustained obstruction from fellow policemen as well as threats from members of Jersey’s government and prominent citizens. He had to bring in police from the UK to assist in the investigation due to the lack of cooperation from local police and government officials. Jack Straw MP was the Labour Home Secretary at the time.
    Harper retired under death threats in 2008 and has been the repeated target of efforts to discredit him and the investigation he courageously led. The Jersey government even went so far as to issue an arrest warrant for Harper after he left the Island, claiming that he was under investigation for falsifying evidence.
    One of the people instrumental in the cover up was Margaret Hodge. She started her political career in 1973 as an Islington councillor and was Council Leader from 1982 through 1992. During her reign, the children’s homes were engaging in wholesale abuse of children and she did all she could to protect the operations.
    Not all Islington Council employees were involved in the abuse of children. Social workers Liz Davies and David Cofie resigned their jobs so they could report the abuse to authorities and demand that Scotland Yard investigate. Liz Davies had refused to deliver a 7 year old girl to a known paedophile. Other Islington social workers wanted to testify but were afraid for their jobs.
    The exposure of the paedophile ring resulted in the conviction of only Roy Caterer, who spent 7 1/2 years in prison for sexually abusing seven boys and two girls.
    Scotland Yard refused to investigate further despite overwhelming evidence and persistent pleas by the former social workers and victims.
    It wasn’t until The Evening Standard started covering the story that the public outcry forced Margaret Hodge to resign her position as Council Leader after describing the journalists as “ gutter press “ and the victims as “ extremely disturbed and mentally unstable“. But British Children weren’t safe for long.
    In 2003, fully aware of Hodge’s avid support of child abuse, British Prime Minister Tony Blair made Hodge his Minister for Children . The position was created just for Hodge. Such a blatantly defiant act by Tony Blair shows unconditional support for paedophiles at the highest levels of British government and the ruling class.
    Hodge was further rewarded on 27 June 2007 when she was appointed Minister of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport by the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Hodge is Jewish and married to another politician, Sir Henry Hodge, who was made a high court judge in 2004.
    Margaret Hodge was a key component of Tony Blair’s “ Islington Set “ and lived a few doors away from him.
    This all leaves one question : Should this “ woman “ be a Member of Parliament?
    For more Labour Party paedophile scandals please google “ Labour25 “

  11. Jennifer Howells Says:

    Well said Mike you did us proud if it were not for people like you, not doing any activism at moment but great to see Alwyn Simon and Ken there in the frey so to speak

  12. Clive G. Linington Says:

    When the time comes to replace Nick as leader of the British National Party, surely this man must be the first consideration for the post.

    His affluence, sensible and instant responses to questioning mark him as an extremely valuable asset to the party.

    Well said, and well done Mike.

  13. Clive G. Linington Says:

    Correction to previous response.

    For “AFFLUENCE,” please read EFFLUENCE!

    Although he may well be afflent as well!

  14. John Says:

    When is this silly soft country going to wake up?
    Its getting crazy, folks getting sentenced for freedom of speach.. I wonder what Winston Churchill would of done? Soft touch Britain again..and typical of the bent law being on the wrong side. Well done Mike and continue your hard work and effort.

  15. Roy West Says:

    Good luck Mike I live with this everyday of my life.
    We struggle for our blood and we pay the price every single day.

  16. sylvester Says:

    The Government say it is in the interest of the country’s economy.Let me assure the Government that I would rather starve and live in squalor than have them live here in our country.

  17. Joseph Says:

    Jay. If all you say is fact would it be possible for me to convert this considerable knowleged into print for leafelet distribution.This would gain many votes.
    Thank You

  18. JohnKent Says:

    Mike Coleman just one brave patriot saying it how it is and showing his total disgust at the way our sad Britain is now going the man needs a medal.

  19. Sue Shearing Says:

    Mike, why don’t you mention ‘whiteys’ on your blog and see if you get prosecuted! I think we all know the answer to that, but then you could point that out to our ‘head in the sand’ population.
    Best wishes

  20. Sue Shearing Says:

    Jay I have read your lengthy blog and it is quite shocking! Do you have evidence for all of this? It is totally horrifying and must be widely publicised if you have proof.

  21. Peter P Jones Says:

    The BNP are the most politically persecuted people in the country. The UK are letting all peoples from all around the world seeking political asylum from poltical persecution but they are persecuting the BNP. Why dosn’t the BNP take them to the European court?

  22. Luke milner Says:

    Full support and respect to Mike. History is full of good men like Mike who have been persecuted for standing up against the ruling regime.

  23. Geoff Says:

    I am now very old and will never see how all this will end but I feel it is not impossible that the direction in which this country is drifting will result in tears for many. To have the moral courage to speak out is never easy. To avoid unnecessary trouble a message can be put across without language just intended to insult. Some immigration for example is good for us but too many of undesirable quality and the change is bad. When industry advertised in Jamaica in the 1950′s for immigrants [labour shortages in the factories] my US girlfriend said you are making a big mistake. Now the different nationalities here are too numerous to count. As Enoch warned it’s all a matter of numbers. The English of my childhood are already outnumbered so perhaps the BNP should have been around earlier. . Politicians more interested in their careers than facing the facts will use the law to keep the peace rather than deal with unpleasant reality. That’s human nature and includes me as I leave this subject for others to tackle. We have a problem possibly too large and too late to solve. Here’s wishing you all the best for the future. Permanent change is a law of life and it applies to England as elsewhere. Shakespeare advised – things without all remedy should be without regard, what’s done cannot be undone. The mosques are here- approved by your Govt – no wonder they want to silence you particularly if they fear you could be right.

  24. John Says:

    Please keep up your good works , which are needed by the
    people and by our Country . Your efforts are most appreciated .

  25. Colin James Wating Says:

    Well done Sir-you as well as us are the few but are the first of many that are soon to be-people aren’t stupid and they know which way this country is going-but people won’t put up with this opressive regime much longer.

  26. maurice sutton Says:

    wanted for treason blair prestcot brown straw flint reid hewitt collaborators and there enforcers the price is working stubbing out blairs legacy and labours war of mass destruction imposed on liberty respect tolerance equality identity compassion democracy integrity united kingdom who gave who the right to impose persecution bullying abuse and the deaths of innocent people under their controlled democracy are traitors have no elusions they are accountable for this so this is your better united kingdom as in war you pay the price for liberty its not what we want its what thay gave in memory of anthony mcdermott who was bullied and persecuted into suicide and hanged himself and all others so this is your new healthy united kingdom to all parties protect demands liberty and movments reinstated no liberty no peace lest they forgot no compromise this is an afront to our forfathers from protect health before wealth the sun news paper Friday ,February 3,2oo6 bullied by is work mates over the smoking ban on liberty all this for the boys to come home to the hypocrisy is beyond belief what did his family give for this in 2 world wars freedom fighter

  27. maurice sutton Says:

    broken identity broken society i as an englishman hold past and present politician accountable for inciting racial hatred thats been imposed on england thats put the country in danger amounts to treason another yugoslavia in the waiting over population by social engineering from an englishman that is not political correct by your dictators who is this white man you keep talking about which i find as an englishman racialy offensive in my own country have you all gave up on your identity you can mix and match as much as you like but there never will be racial harmony

  28. Roy West Says:

    Everything is becoming an offence now. I stood for the BNP in Dukinfield my best vote was 734 votes.
    It worried the life out of the Labour traitors the BNP had never stood here before that.
    My housing landlord is new charter housing they made £7 Million profit despite being a non profitable social housing group. New charter tried to frame me with an unsolved crime (a crowbar attack on one of their offices) The judge dismissed that attempt.
    I can’t look out of my own window because I’ve been reported for staring at my neighbour.
    I have had 15 police officers at my house and 4 Inspectors over a period of three months.
    All it takes is a phone call to the police and they rush round to my house.

  29. David Spencer Says:

    Good luck and God keep you safe Mr Coleman.

    I know it will make you sick to your stomach having to bow down to this regime of charlatans we are so ruthlessly ruled over by, though I do (respectfully) think you were wrong when you said that this is a democracy because I personally believe that we are now living in a totalitarian state. My Welsh coal miner father who voted for Labour all his life will be spinning in his grave at how his beloved party has turned against its own people.

    After countless millennia on these islands of OURS, and seen as the 2nd oldest indigenous peoples in the world after Australian Aboriginees – it seems that we are now deemed superfluous to requirements by the sinister forces controlling our (so-called) political elite.

    Lastly, a big thank you and good luck and best wishes to all our brave, hard working and loyal Nationalists whoever and wherever you are – peace to you all.

  30. Lee G Says:

    It shocks me every time when I see people in court over something theyve said on their political views…its rediculous, yet there’s bankers and politicians getting away with fraud, theft and financially gaining from loopoling the system (like tax dodging) all the time and we never see them in court. I hate the way this country has become. It feels like prison and your being watched everywhere you go, and in what ever you do. It winds me up.

  31. ShireFella Says:

    All true patriots must stand by this good man. Let the anti- British slime know that we will not be silenced.

  32. BobNorth Says:

    As an Australian keenly interested in freedom of speech, I was intrigued by the sentencing of Mike Coleman in the Stoke Crown Court.
    There is a political debate in the Australian political arena going on about the freedom of speech needing to offend others in our society. Without this, misgovernment and corruption cannot be fully exposed. Without freedom of speech there can be no free debate, without free debate true democracy cannot work.
    The Australian Labor Party brought in the Racial Discrimation Act come time ago, and the leader of the Opposition is arguing for some of it, Section 18(c), to be repealed so that Australians can fully speak out on issues of Australian life.
    . . . . . seems the same needs to be addressed in Britain, too!

  33. John Booth Says:

    Congratulations to Mike Coleman for a well reasoned defense of free speech. England and Wales (I don’t know if these laws extend to Scotland or Northern Ireland yet), have become the only supposed democracies I know of, and probably the only countries in the world other than China and North Korea where thinking is a crime. Orwell’s ’1984′ is alive and well and living in the 21st. century English and Welsh legal system.
    These thought crimes are a necessary consequence of the political establishment’s lothing and contempt for the white working class. To reduce the living standards and existence of the white working class the Labour, Liberal, Conservative party have followed a 60 year campaign of mass immigration of lighties from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean to drive down wages, working conditions and living conditions of the white working class. The lighty lovers of the establishment have in mind nothing less than the wage-enslavement of the entire working class because the lighties are suffering the same oppresion but as unwitting dupes.
    This is further evidenced by the transfer of over £200 billion and counting, from workers to bankers, paid for by job and pension cuts, cuts in care for the elderly and health cuts, increase in tertiary education fees and taxes over the next 30 years, using the “too big to fail” excuse. Only by voting for the BNP can we restore freedom of speech and thought and democracy in the UK.

  34. Ray Spring Says:

    This is a classic example of ‘thought crime.’ The political establishment must change the law. Or we must report the Hate Speech of the other residents of UK.

  35. Richard wallace Says:

    I hope that the British people stand up to this disgusting oppression. Mike is a true patriot who only spaeks the truth. The political establisment only know to well that to be the case. I hope they pay for there crimes one day either by a BNP goverment or GOD as I feel we are in the last days.

  36. gary Says:

    On your side forever,

    Gary & Helen BNP Members & BNP Veterans member.

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