EDL Exposed

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EDL Exposed

Exposed! The sinister puppet masters pulling Paul Weston’s and Tommy Robinson’s strings.

To see the in-depth 46 page document exposing the EDL click HERE.

Download HERE

22 Responses to “EDL Exposed”

  1. Alan Says:

    Great speech, any chance of a BNP app for android?

  2. BNPtv Says:

    Yes we are working it

  3. Asa Says:

    That’s made my day it really has, an actual politician speaking the truth about whats really going on and saying it proudly. Its explained nice and simple to, so everyone should get a general idea of whats going on and why from watching this. Thumds up from me it gets full marks 5/5 ;-)

  4. walter coady Says:

    well done nick, when you in london next?

  5. Markus Says:

    America did not want to dominate the rest of the globe (around 9 minutes). The Americans have been sold down the river just like us. The west was too strong and so it has been infiltrated.
    I don’t know who’s behind it all, Israel, Judeo-Marxists, communists? It could be anyone, but it is strange that all countries in the west are moving in unison to their demise.

  6. BritishNationalist Says:

    Let us not forget that a significant fraction of Arab oil money is recycled into the West to fund mosques and the promotion of extreme Islam.

    There are a lot of players with money out there. They are all tugging the Western world in their preferred direction.

  7. keith stokes Says:

    I have always said for years now that this world is run by a small group of people who will stop at nothing to fill there pack pockets whether it is brain washing people to believe there lies through a corrupt media or buying politicians to implement there plans , for example Tony Blair who when he finished as prime minister wrote a book ???? dont think he sold many and was doing talks for 1 million pounds for an hour , he is now a multi million air and disappears from public view ( pay off done ) also when it comes to greed who benefits from larger populations well they have to eat where ever they are from so I guess it would have to be the supermarkets the most powerful companies in this country , John Sainsbury gave the last Labour government nearly 4 million pounds out of his own back pocket before they got voted out

  8. John Beattie Says:

    Brilliant Lecture with full evidence as proof.

  9. VinceBNP Says:

    Good video, but why can’t I download this video to my computer when I click the ‘Download HERE’ button?

  10. rich Says:

    very interesting and informative video well done bnptv

  11. Matty Says:

    Hello paddy where is wideo!!!!!!!

  12. Will Shakeshaft Says:

    I am 15 years old, and the BNP has really exposed the problems in Britain – I fully support the BNP and great speech Nick :)

  13. william Says:

    can you tell me when nick griffin will be coming to bournmouth plz

  14. wayne Says:

    Thank you nick for enlightening us on the neo-con mindset and plan to hijack nationalism. It is the very nature of our governing body to be like a snake to mass deceive and use people of same thought to wage war on the neo-con enemy’s truth may be that Christians are always used like puppets history tells us that when ever a christian population becomes a threat to two powers with a similar interest both with the same issue of being overruled by the common people so like modern times if two enemy’s have the same agenda then both can draw a plan on how to manufacture consent for war only to neutralize the threat of disloyal masses that is how protestant and Catholics have come to be enemy’s you see enmity amongst good men will put us to conflict with each other until the desired effect is reached.The enemy is not really Islam but the threat it posses to topple our current system from power because Islam has the spirit of nationalism amongst there followers and is seen as a major threat to the nwo so i guess those who want to rule cant afford a nationalist movement to succeed without siding with neo-cons but my opinion is that stronger ties with moderate Islam need to be forged if any christian party is to triumph because Islam hold the key for the success of any political party but as it is neo-cons and Muslims are in league while they should be in league with Christians.

  15. polarbear87 Says:

    bring our troops home!

    why is our so called leaders trading our dead servicemen for 1000′s of muslims?

    1 dead army soldier comes back in a coffin and at the same time
    1000′s of north african muslims come in by gatwick to replace him? its GENOCIDE!!!

    “Because of history? ” does not justify white genocide.

    “For the economy” does not justify white genocide.

    “Low birth rates”, does not justify white genocide.

    “We all bleed red!” does not justify white genocide.

    “We are all human!” does not justify white genocide.

    “Race is just a social construct!” does not justify white genocide.

    “We are all from Africa!” does not justify white genocide.

    Anti-Racist is just a CODEWORD for Anti-White.

  16. john Says:

    The white race is now in an irreversible decline and the entire world will witness a shift of power. USA and UK are sinking and China will rise. UK’s economy is crippled and the citizens are in for a roller-coaster nose dive!
    £4billion a year on Afghanistan
    £100′s of millions given to countries around the globe for absolutely no reason!!! post colonialism wake up

  17. gerry Says:

    thank god!! a patriot tv station!!! i shall be here every day. the agenda [nwo/islam/blackpower/white gencide] is ALL …ALL…run by zionsts/jewish nazis mostly subsumed the cia/etc in america.
    thanks for the info about edl…i didnt know. but we should all use whatever we got ….their supporters are patriots too…

  18. gerry Says:

    thanks nick for a good straightforward explanation /headsup on what the hell these shiteating zionazis and their sadistic catamites are doing to us all. i ill share it to all my pages as soon as i see how.

  19. mike Says:

    25:30 to 27:10 is absolutley spot on!terrific part of your speech ! Australia.

  20. floradeliza Says:

    I hope Nick gets to speak, to kick ass, about E.U. immigration; the video here is great, but please Nick, keep an immigration cap high on the agenda.

  21. Asa Says:

    I recommend that everyone give these videos a watch, they are about zionists, masonic orders, illuminattii, luciferian religion and the NWO. Im not a biblical man myself but the last 12 years of research i have done on the NWO, has lead me to this conclusion and i think these videos put most the peices together reasonably well



  22. Tanstaafl, "Tommy Robinson and Friends Abandon English Defence League, Join Anti-English Regime" | Counter-Currents Publishing Says:

    [...] is no surprise. See for example “EDL Exposed,” a 49 minute presentation wherein British National Party chairman Nick Griffin describes [...]

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