Flash Demo: Burnley Crown Court

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Flash Demo: Burnley Crown Court

British National Party members and other nationalists appeared at a flash demo in Burnley today as yet another gang of alleged Muslim paedophile groomers are up for trial.

Download HERE

3 Responses to “Flash Demo: Burnley Crown Court”

  1. walter barfoot Says:

    is that pratt of a judge a muslim. what a disgrce not fit enough to wash toilets let alone being a judge. but no doubt shes under orders. where are the great british people hiding.

  2. Jay Says:

    Great job BNP.
    All these muscum need to go back to paedostan.

  3. Mark Anonymous Says:

    Due to my job I cannot publish my surname, but so glad to hear that the BNP are doing so much against the Islamist Groomers. This culture is alien to western culture and the sooner the last one has left this country the better

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