Liverpool Demo – Muslim Groomers Sentenced

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Liverpool Demo – Muslim Groomers Sentenced

BNPtv reporting from Liverpool, where today nine Muslim men were handed a combined total of 77 years for crimes against innocent young white girls including; aiding and abetting rape, sexual assault and trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

For more on this story click HERE & HERE.

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12 Responses to “Liverpool Demo – Muslim Groomers Sentenced”

  1. rarecockney Says:

    Hail the BNP, the only Party that tells the truth

  2. g harris Says:

    Brilliant! Exactly what we expect from BNP TV.

  3. Tom Says:

    Thank God for BNPtv.

  4. solinvictus Says:

    we to have not escaped , worcester has had two trials in the last few years and these too were taxi drivers and fast food shops
    ill leave it to you to work out their religion and race

  5. JohnKent Says:

    The Police officers of Liverpool all need to hang their heads in shame on this issue protecting Muslim Groomers while at the same time trying to ban a legal demonstration against these scum in our society and i would like to know what will be the states benefits costs paid to support their dependant family members while they are in jail,our Cameron government will not want to disclose these figuars you can be sure of that.

  6. Thelma Says:

    There were 2 of the same, disgusting paodos arrested in Oxford yesterday. There was no mention on the BBC news yesterday on the main or the local. I wonder why !?! Just goes to prove that it’s not just happening in northern towns but nation wide. Oxford was once a great city, look at it now !!!!!

  7. roy ives Says:

    what baffles me is what does our so called queen have
    to say about all this filth that is being put upon her
    subjects?is she in league with the evil political elite?it seems that way.therefore one should only assume that CIVIL war is the only way destroy this evil goverment,and all those perverts that support it.islam and all its followers are PURE
    devil worshippers.oh how i long for the day when all of this filth is exterminated,and wiped of the face of

  8. MsBridgit Says:

    The Queen does what she is told to do. On breaking her coronation oath she became a citizen of Europe.she has since co-signed 6 European treaties that litle by little has signed governance of this country to a consortium of European countries that decide our political direction by consensus, a number of these European states so poor their main exports are Goats milk and Cuckoo clocks.

  9. Jon Miller Says:

    I cannot understand why some media outlet does not investigate this issue further.

  10. Chris Yonts Says:

    77 ÷ 9 = 8.55. DIISGUSTING.

  11. Paul Says:

    God bless the BNP! Tell it straight,the truth.

  12. Paul Bartron Says:

    “I cannot understand why some media outlet does not investigate this issue further.” Jon Miller. Huh?
    96% of the world’s media is owned by the Jews. According to a sermon that I heard by the Rabbi of the Orthodox Jews in Seattle USA they blame the Reform Jews for the Holocaust. Reforem Judaism came into existance in the year 1850 and Karl Marx issued the Communist manifesto in 1848. Reform Judaism allows Jews to appear as Gentiles whereas before that Jews kept themselves separate. Reform Judaism enabled the Jews to infiltrate and control the Communist and Socialist parties. Not all Gentile Communists or Socialists were happy with such an arrangement, especially in Italy and Germany, therefore independent socialist and Labour parties came into being such as the German Socialist Party in Nuremberg and the German Labour Party in Munich. In Italy a former Marxist editor formed his own party, his name was Mussolini.
    In some countries, such as the USA Jewish control of television is 100% Jewish control of Hollywood is almost 100% Mel Gibson being the only producer not under their control. Mel Gibson is a Traditional Catholic (Latin Mass) Walt Disney was a Gentile but Disney is now under Jewish Control Eisner is Jewish. South Park is obviously Jewish.
    Because Jews control the media Jews control America but in 1948 Joseph Stalin rebelled against the Jewish control of his party, Stalin was the lone Gentile in the Communist Party. Stalin was chosen to be the leader of Communist Russia because Communism was accused of being a Jewish Conspiracy. The Cold War started on April 1st 1948 because Stalin closed the railways between East and West Germany. We supported Communist Russia before 1948 because Russia was controlled by the Jews but as soon as Russia broke free from Jewish control Russia has become as dangerous to the Jews as National Socialist Germany. Putin is currently not under Jewish control instead he supports Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the pro-Jewish candidate was Kasparov a world Chess Champion. China is not a Jewish controlled Communist party and will probably support Russia. Jews want WWIII.

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