Nick Griffin addresses the nation

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Nick Griffin addresses the nation

Party Chairman Nick Griffin addresses the people of Britain about the English riots and how the British National Party would rebuild the country.

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24 Responses to “Nick Griffin addresses the nation”

  1. Alex Says:

    You’ve to rebuild the country!

  2. sara Says:

    we need to hear Mr Griffin much more often. He is a great speaker but needs to be seen more.


    Why is the truth to the Political and media classes classed as Extreme,its here its now and needs to be stopped or we will be in a civil war Keep going Nick you are right.

  4. Nick Says:

    Good for you sir. Spot on.

  5. Gigi Says:

    look at Indonesia & LISTEN to this man.

  6. n harvey Says:

    whats going on . nick great.but the truth is this is it the immigrants have shown there hand .thay hate it here let them go home .send them home we dont wont them here.BNP 4 us .a boat 4 them.please PLEASE GO HOME SCUM .

  7. Steve Says:

    This is the only party that talks the truth!! I fully support what you are saying Nick! Shame none of the other parties have the guts to either tell the truth or apply the correct policies that would heal this once great country.
    The BNP manifesto is a compilation of common sense. This country could be turned around if it were to be applied.
    Having been born and raised in the East end of London, I experienced first hand how bad it was and still is with these lawless immigrants. It was the main reason I got out!!
    To think that my hard earn tax is being given to this vermin to breed and multiply makes my blood boil!

  8. Mark Says:

    Well done Nick, we should all feel proud to have such a dedicated positive and truthful leader of a truly British party. Excellent speech,well delivered and true to every word. Everyone should listen to what you have to say, you would open up so many clouded ‘politically correct’ minds. Our country needs you to take us forward and save us from this mess its in. Never give up.

  9. Froggy Says:

    Dear real british people,

    Same events occured in France several years ago and I think this is not the end of the story…

    We must react strongly despite the medias controlled by international firms praising imigration (to minimize labour cost locally and to create universal consumers)

    You are not alone ! French people share your frustration and sadness.


  10. king arthur Says:

    My thoughts on this matter which has been reinforced many times by this and previous riots. Also by the non inclusion of ethnic sections of society and the natural tendency of races to coalesce round their own kind is that a nation which is stable and has been proved to be over the proceeding centuries, can only be so if it constitutes the following :

    It must be consist of people of a common culture, common language, common history and common purpose.

    The mass immigration since the 1950`s has broken the above tenants and instability has been seeded into British nationhood and society.

    These problems will not go away, they are now permanent feature of our way of life and no amount of anguished political debate will change it.

    The people of this country are to blame as they have had the democratic means of changing this course of events but through entrenched voting habits which is a consequence of non interest in politics they have consistently returned the same type of politician to office.
    By doing this they have given the green light to these same politicians to do whatever they like with the captaincy of this ship of nation and to steer a course in whatever direction they choose.

    The people of the UK will now have to stew in the juice of their own making

  11. TomKent Says:

    Nick Griffin is the only politician who speaks any sense and should be allowed on national tv to put over his opinions but the Cameron government is not willing to permit the truth a chance to get through so try to sensor his words which is a crime against free speech and our nations well being.

  12. Anon Says:

    This is horrible… These types of sights should never be present in Europe, but unfortunately they are becoming more and more prevalent. We from eastern Europe look to the west and shake our heads…

    but know that we too see your pain and feel great empathy towards the real British people.
    We will stand with you when the time comes!

  13. Lex Says:

    The “English” Riots – Croydon -

  14. TOM Says:

    For how long are we to let this country drown in the huge
    Waves of foreigners: who come with one intent
    To take over and change are ways, knocking down are churches and cathedrals
    For how long will the government sweep it all up under the carpet?
    And blind people from the truth of the invasion!

    We are led ever closer to
    The last Resort of


  15. Philip Says:

    Excellent, we at Swansea and West Wales BNP are with you all the way.
    (PS Excalibur have some excellent cuffs)

  16. Michael Says:

    Thanks for sticking your neck out for us Nick

    I have been against mass immigration all my life.

    I lived in Belgium/Luxembourg for two years and that was enough as that was really multicultural. Imagine a bus full of badly behaved kids of every creed and colour thinking they were Luxembourgers because they spoke the language. They were all trying to con the French speaking bus driver with false age claims. The true Luxembourgers are dying out. Only the language is thriving.

    Thanks for doing something to save indigenous Britain.

    I live in East Europe now but really want to help you


  17. Darren Rawlings Says:

    I fully agree with Nick.If the past or current governments had the BALLS to stand up to Brussels then we wud be in a peaceful state.A suggestion to curb the influx of foriegners coming into this country is:1)make them pay for health treatment,2)don’t let then be entitled to any tax credits or any other sort of benefits(i.e (rent,council tax benefits).Finally number 3)even if they have children in this country then that does not entitle them to stay here permanent.I will always vote and support the BNP…..

  18. governor Says:

    I agree 100% we need to get rid of these foreigners enough is enough cameron and his government need to take action.along with the rest of europe as i also support Geert Wilders

  19. garygreatbritain Says:

    absolutely fantastic speech as a nation we need to make our once great country great again why cant these other politicians see what this man sees and take action

  20. garygreatbritain Says:

    excellent speech mr griffin you are so right lets stop fannying abot and start clearing out

  21. Daffy Says:

    Well said Nick spot on I’m right behind you all the way now we’ve got Rivers of Blood because we didn’t listen in 1968 and we should have done.

  22. Shirefella Says:

    Listen to Mr Griffin.

  23. jarrad Says:

    I would not consider myself extremist, though I do consider this commentary far right. To set the frame of my commentary, I am Australian and do not live with in the society deal with these issues. Our own multiculturalism experiment is working alot better perhaps purely because of lower population densities and greater economic growth.

    However I do not disagree with the ideas put forward regarding imprisonment but I propose a slightly different system instead:

    1. All prison sentences have a component of hard labour. A fixed term everyone must complete. No parole for this part of the sentence

    2. The rest of the sentence focusses on rehabilitation and skills development. However if a prisoner shows know attempts to reform, then they can be re-sent to hard labour.

    This gives a prisoner a choice to become a useful member of society voluntarily or be a useful member of society arbitrarily via the prison system.

    The purpose of this is to separate the hardened criminals away from the softer ones with hope of reform. Those who do not want to reform or are perhaps beyond reforming can still contribute to society this way.

    As for multiple laws in one land – I am universally against this wherever in the world it may be attempted. There should only ever be the laws of the land and it should be uniform, universal and free else justice simply cannot be done.

  24. Paul Says:

    I agree with Jarrad’s idea for a functional prison system I think that would be a very logical approach. At the moment our prison system clearly is not working and many are given far too lenient sentences and the time they do is not sufficiently unpleasant to put them off re-offending again.

    In the UK we also need to look at the way the prison system is funded. There’s the huge financial cost of keeping people in prison and that is probably why many are given short sentences. Our prisons are full to capacity and we’re not building new ones. No wonder we’re letting illegal immigrants go free, we just don’t have the capacity to hold them.

    So why shouldn’t people in prison pay for their own punishment? Either by seizing their assets or making them do unpaid work to pay for it. We should introduce private sector prisons like they do in the states if necessary. There should be absolutely no reason financial or otherwise, why we can’t punish people properly and give proper justice to victims, and also round up and hold the 1 million illegal immigrants roaming our country freely, many of them rapists, murderers and fraudsters.

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