EU-Frankfurt School Neo-Marxism

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EU-Frankfurt School Neo-Marxism

Simon Darby discusses Frankfurt School Neo-Marxism and the impact on British society with Nick Griffin MEP.

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17 Responses to “EU-Frankfurt School Neo-Marxism”

  1. jmhoufton Says:

    well done NIck…it’s good to hear some sense in politics!

  2. screamingmad Says:

    Good to see the subversive elements exposed to the light.

  3. Tim Says:

    Absolutely brilliant to know that not just all our requests are noticed on the Bnptv channel, but the above is a clear demonstration that we have the opportunity to make a difference , however small . It is crucial to teach our fellow Britons , especially the Parents of the young who are already indoctrinated by our now Communistic State to what is really being done to us all.

    Its sick and all of it needs full exposure !

    What Nick and Simon are speaking of above has been implemented at every level of our society. I do mean at every single level, to such a wicked extent, that Nick even Nick would have a difficult job explaining the rest, because it is inconceivable to the average man to such an extent that a further invented word by the Frankfurt school scholars would be implemented “Conspiracy”.

    To plan in advance to deliberately deflect and ridicule.

    The war of designed words.” Racism” !!

    The War of controlling our freedom “hate speech”

    The War against our family “East enders, etc”

    Please distribute this video , not just to our already converted good members, but to as many British people as you can..


  4. BC1959 Says:

    It’s good to see the leadership discussing this, as it is generally unknown to the wider public. Let’s hope that the general public in Britain, can to some degree, view this and other articles and videos, as it really does open the doors to the horror and hate of the Zionist/Marxist influenced governments of the west.

  5. Stephen Palmer Says:

    Excellent speech by Nick Griffin. Here is the US the Tea Party has emerged which is similar to the BNP. I hope that both can merge and form an international party to combat the international Leftists and multinational corporations.

  6. Beowulf008 Says:

    Thank you for that. I now have a clearer idea of what the ‘Frankfurt School’ is. Incidentally would it be possible to post someone off camera to stop people actually walking INFRONT of the camera during the recording?

  7. Robert Weale Says:

    I am currently reading about Russian revolution, and this explains why the country was so unstable, not only Russia but all it’s satellite countries too, Poland Czechoslovakia Germany this Marxist idea had spread West, creating lots of dysfunctional societies and bankrupt countries.

  8. teapotsteve100 Says:

    This is very similar to the ideas of “Naomi Klein” in her book The Shock Doctrine.

    Today (on the BBC News) it has been announced that 1700 postoffice jobs are to go. Two large sorting offices are to be closed. This will effect many poeple and their famlies.

    One piece of bad news (what ever it is) is still only one piece of bad news.

  9. P A Leverell Says:

    Great stuff

  10. right wing Says:

    Oooh I like ths. thanks yoou

  11. john hurren Says:

    Thanks Nick and Simon for this broadcast. More people need to know about these marxist anti – nation plots to destroy our ancient identity.

  12. iceni08 Says:

    karl marx real name was moses mordecai levy so it is ironic that david cameron levite. sounds like harpo marx.

  13. Englander Says:

    Anyone Googled the Perestroika Deception, Mikhail Gorbachev during the 1980s formed an alliance with European Communists (fifth International) if you want to call it? To infiltrate & hijack EEC to make it more Socialist to fit into the Soviet model. The creation of the European Union is to wither away nation States wasnt that the Objective of Karl Marx & Adam Weishaupt before him?

  14. Englander Says:

    I think Britains young people need to be educated the truth about Socialism, It has never been intended as a movement for the Working Class. Karl Marx (Moses Mordacai Marx Levy) & Frederick Engles both from very wealth backgrounds were hired by the League of the Just which was financed by wealthy Capitalists & International Bankers to rewrite the works of Adam Weishaupt seventy years earlier on May 1st 1776. Karl Marx used Workers rights as a false front (Hegelian Dialect) to stir up Class War & Revolutions to destroy nations & religion & give International Bankers & there Communist Puppets Control.

  15. Englander Says:

    The 1917 October Bolshevic Revolution was financed by Wall St Bankers because of the tsars refusal to allow International Bankers to set up a Central Bank in Russia and because of the tsar’s Great Great Grandfather tsar Alexander 1 who ruined plans at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 of setting up a League of Nations and also for tsar Alexander11 Military support to U.S President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 during the American Civil War. The Coming World War was mentioned by Frederick Engles & Karl Marx which was to destroy European Monarchs & establish a Communist Order. We know now that was the planned World War One to destroy tsarist Russia establish Communism.

  16. Eiskirch Says:

    I appreciate Nick Griffin’s witty comment on the ideology of the Frankfurt School that deserves any criticism possible; one should do it the Frankfurt School way as well: relentlessly twisting or de-contextualizing any of their arguments – just the way Nick Griffin does.
    However, to be fair, one must not forget that the rise of the Frankfurt School in post-war Germany was the result of the support of the Allied – who used it as a pervasive perpetuation of their de-nazification campaign – primarily in order to prevent any sort of German nationalism and revisionism. They were successful, and halted their support only in the 70s after it became obvious that Frankfurt school ideology increasingly instigated anti-American resentments and pro-Soviet/Communist movements as well (peace movement, early Green party etc.). Now it is the mainstream ideology of the West, resonating with many other Western self-depreciatory ideologies of post-colonialism, feminism, the globalization, and unleashed free market economy etc. It backfired indeed; maybe some sort of poetic justice, as a patriotic German, I object.
    Anyway, I think this ideology is in decline since 2008 – as Habermas and his epigones were not able to make any contribution of relevance to the recent debates on nation building, state debt, the EU, the finance market crisis, etc. Here, the Frankfurt school’s neglect of economy became quite obvious. It is stuck with its old ways while the world is changing rapidly. Habermas’ editorials published in German newspapers are eloquently refuted within a few days by “no-name” editors, journalists, and academics, and the people, yes, they don’t buy the post-war narratives any longer, that became apparent as well.
    Best wishes from Germany,
    Martin Eiskirch

  17. Brin Jenkins Says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Nick at his very best and without notes.

    Brin Jenkins

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