Belgium & Britain – Totalitarian States

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Belgium & Britain – Totalitarian States

Featuring a great interview with prominent Belgian politician Philip Claeys MEP where the Vlaams Belang member discusses the startling similarities between the persecution of Belgian and British Nationalists.

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6 Responses to “Belgium & Britain – Totalitarian States”

  1. Roy Says:

    An excellent informative interview.

  2. highanglican Says:

    Can we have more of these type interviews Simon, I enjoyed it very much.

  3. Eddy Tilbury Says:

    Thank you for hosting this very interesting interview. I have posted it on my facebook “Wall” for others to see. I look forward to watching other programmes like it soon.

  4. Dai hargreaves Says:

    Im afraid its over,folks. The British have lost their spine.The BNP will never get the power it richly deserves because the enemy is too powerful. You`ve tried the democratic way to change things and failed. Its now time to take direct action against the scum that Govern us.

  5. John Myers Says:

    The sooner European Nationalists come together, the sooner our Nation States will regain their freedom to go down the road they choose for themselves instead of being dictated to by a bunch of non elected commissars.

  6. david Says:

    Very interesting interview, learned a lot.

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