Manchester BNP Exposes College Visa Scam

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Manchester BNP Exposes College Visa Scam

The outrageous scams perpetrated by bogus “colleges” run by Third World immigrants in the greater Manchester area is just one example of how mass immigration is “justified,”.
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3 Responses to “Manchester BNP Exposes College Visa Scam”

  1. Rob (ex. Pat. BNP Member)) Says:

    All part of the New World Order agenda, which is no longer conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact.

  2. Darren Davies Says:

    I have seen this happen since my school days in gorton .Mass immigration is so quick it just happens before your very eyes.
    The school that replaced mine (now closed) is around 87% non british there are police on the doors and metal detectors . What happened to my city ? Im only 43 ! I moved to tameside to provide my own children with a safe education at a catholic school even though my family have always been church of england !
    but now even catholic schools are having to pander to minorities teaching islam in RE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jim Peggie Says:

    We may as well admit it. Despite the heroic efforts of the BNP we have lost this country to Islam. All the traitorous donkeys and cowardly lefties that kept Labour in power for a decade are directly responsible for the disaster that is about to befall their grandchildren. I hope they are ashamed of themselves.

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