Adam Walker Case Thrown Out!

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Adam Walker Case Thrown Out!

Today the General Teaching Council dropped all charges against BNP activist and teacher Adam Walker, in a case that has dragged on for 3 years. For more on this story click HERE.

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7 Responses to “Adam Walker Case Thrown Out!”

  1. janne Says:

    Well done BNP…Great news…

    congratulations… from Norway

  2. james humphreys Says:

    WELL DONE Teachers are the most educated people on the planet I WISH THE WHOLE COUNTRY HAD YOURE WILL TO SPEAK OUT. LONG LIVE THE BNP.

  3. JJ Says:


  4. Jarrow John Says:

    Well done Adam, i realise that to us this outcome is common sense, but bearing in mind the absolute hatred of Britain, the British people, and of all things common sensical by a Fascist Labour party this was truly a Fantastic result.
    You may not realise this but you may just have saved FREE SPEECH in this once great Britain.

    Jarrow John

  5. Trent Price Says:

    Common sense at last!
    The first chink in their armour has now been broken!

  6. john Says:

    bnptv great idea please post more videos

  7. paulfreedom Says:

    What a great result! Why should we be pulled around
    by MARXIST scum all the time? I have now joined SOLIDARITY so the magic has worked on me!

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