Nick predicts early General Election

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Nick predicts early General Election

Chairman Nick Griffin’s update on current happenings, brought to you from the successful Black Country Christmas lectures.

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11 Responses to “Nick predicts early General Election”

  1. antonthegreat Says:

    Inspirational stuff as always, the man’s a saint!.

  2. Mendal Says:

    I’m excited! :D

  3. john hurren Says:

    Nick Griffin MEP needs and deserves the title:-
    Rt Hon. Nick Griffin PM
    Please everyone, For God and for England and the rest of Britain.
    *VOTE BNP*
    *Give to the BNP*
    *Join the BNP when possible.*

    love ‘n light
    john hurren

  4. george harris Says:

    I am from a small village in Cumbria, and wonder if that is why I can not play any of BNPTV videos. I get 5secs followed by the little rotating circle. Any ideas anyone.

  5. angryserf Says:

    Nick is as usual a brilliant orator. If we could get him on prime time national television for 5 minutes, we would win the general election. Merry Christmas to all BNP supporters.

  6. BNPtv Admin Says:

    You might have a slow connection if you let it all download first before watching the video that should work

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  8. paul anthony kiley Says:

    As usual Nick comes across with good thoughts that will be actioned and put into plain English that we all understand. These 3 items are the main problems that we face in the UK, and under the leadership of Nick ..a spade is a spade, and he says what we all think, even those who agree,but are afraid to speak their views.
    The other parties hide behind the word of Democracy, and move the goal posts to suit there own ends.
    Roll on the General election, and we shall have more lies said under the banner of Democracy by the other main parties…..I’am with you Nick for he reinstatement of Natuarl justice and the right to be heard.


    Nick’s determination and sensibility shines through. Great leader for the BNP.

  10. george harris Says:

    BNPTV ADMIN thanks from George above. Yes downloading worked perfectly

  11. george harris Says:

    Like angryserf above I reckon 5mins of Nick on tv would win us a lot of seats. I believe we shall get some tv time just prior to GE.–Anyone know if that is correct?

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